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Andrew helped clear some things I was confused about. He spoke well and to the point and did not waste my time. He gave me suggestions and ideas on the monetization. It was very helpful. In fact I still have nearly 30 mins to interact with him when I need more support.

- Amanda of the

   I got great clarity on doing a blueprint. Also learned a lot about keyword research. There was some stuff about keyword research that I was very confused (about) and now understand.

- Mary-Kay Perris

Re: Adventures in Content Creation Webinar

He was excellent. Obviously knowledgable and a great presenter. I came away with some ideas that will be easy to implement. He presented some new ideas and kept it moving. I was never bored or wishing he would move on to the next point.

- Shelly of

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I was most pleased with the assistance I received. Patrick was able to draw from real-life situations regarding his own site, which makes the feedback even more tangible. I find (Consulting) to be very good ...

- Cleto of

Where do I begin?

Shannon helped me to clean up some incorrectly set up Webmail and Aweber accounts. She had also helped me with setting up my Facebook comments on my site as well as checked to see if all my social media buttons were correctly working.

Shannon is continuing to help me with setting up Google Analytics, Adsense and other suggestions (on) making my site work better.

I am extremely fortunate to have been connected with Shannon. Shannon is very professional in her approach and is not afraid to make suggestions that might improve my site. I value and trust her suggestions and gladly implement whatever she feels might benefit my site.

Shannon has excellent time management skills and delivers what she promises in a quick and professional manner ... it is money well spent.

- Valerie F.

I just wanted to say that Mike, the designer of my webpage, was really exceptional the entire time. I really enjoyed working with him. He was pleasant 100% of the time, there were no problems. Really nice person to work with.

- Joe of

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VERY great communication, very helpful. I had a great experience and will be using Sheri's services again.

Love the style and the design, look and feel, everything!

I could have never come up with such great content myself, even though I feel like I'm an expert on the subject. Great stuff, thank you!

- Brooke of

Everything was great. I'm a Facebook novice and was concerned that the 1 hour of training wouldn't be enough. Micky just carried on until he'd covered everything he thought I needed to know and I had run out of questions. He definitely over delivered here. Why would I expect anything less...?

- Jacky of

TJ is a consummate professional. He asked enough questions to understand both our long-term goals and short term/next steps.

TJ provides as much or as little help as we need. Sometimes this involves his creating short teaching modules - or fixing something when our efforts have introduced errors.

When something is time sensitive - he is alacritous in his response. I'm a very early morning person - and TJ accommodates my schedule.

If TJ wasn't working for you, I'd offer to hire him. Period.

- Mordechai of

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The beginning of this year Wendy did a monetization report for my site (I am just beginning to monetize). It is such a complete plan that here I am in April and I am still on the first couple of pages. It is packed full of ideas on how to implement my monetization ideas plus a few I never thought of.

- Frances Moore of

Wow... I am quivering with excitement as I read this (Website Review)!!! Thank you Matt! At first look, I already can see this is going to be extremely useful to me. I love all the ideas you gave, and they intuitively make a lot of sense. Thank you so much Matt, I feel so freakin' motivated again! It's been a while... :-)

- Mai of

The work was a complete check on the links to my site, a check on progress made in resolving penguin issues, and a note detailing what should be done to complete all penguin issues, including checking the draft disavowal file already created.

Matt was thorough in his approach and proved to have a keen sense of what was required. Recommendations made were clear and to the point. I liked his friendly style and also feel much better about the position I am in with links. Very keen to work with him again.

I find it easy to see what can be done to help me which is perfect.

- Jane of