Frequently Asked Questions
About SiteSell Professional Site Builds

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about SiteSell Professionals Site Builds. If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Questions        

Site Building Questions        

Selecting Your Niche or Theme; Researching Keywords

Your Site Pages: Content & Images

About Your Site Design

Add-ons To Your Site

Finalizing Your Site Build

The Next Best Steps - After the Build

Now that your Site Build has been completed, you might be wondering what to do next. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. Take your time to review the questions and answers below. If you still have questions, please contact your SiteSell Pro or the SiteSell Professionals Admin.

Who are the SiteSell Professionals?

The SiteSell Professionals are webmasters who have passed a rigorous SiteSell training program. They are knowledgeable and experienced users of the SiteSell system ... C-T-P-M ... Content-Traffic-Preselling-Monetization... and have help creat successful, keyword-focused, content-filled sites that generate targeted traffic.

These highly qualified professionals are already using SiteSell to provide web design/webmastering, site-building, web hosting, web copywriting and web marketing services to businesses wishing to expand their exposure and take full advantage of the Net.


May I see a sample site built by SiteSell Professionals?

Click here to visit the SiteSell Professionals Success Stories which shows just a small sampling of the entrepreneurs using our system successfully!

These small business owners started with one of our Site Builds. The most successful site owners continue to add Keyword Focused Content Pages that are based on advanced keyword brainstorming and market research to help build upon their free Search Engine traffic and draw targeted visitors to their sites. They also build relationships and traffic using our recommended social strategies.


Does SiteSell host my website?

It depends on if you select the Solo Build It! (SBI!) tools or if you prefer Wordpress for your site build.

If you select SBI! tools, then your site is hosted with SiteSell. You can pay monthly ($29.99) for the hosting and SBI! tools, or pay an annual subscription..

If you opt for Wordpress, then you will need to set up your own hosting. We can recommend a few hosts to choose from or you can go with the host of your choice when using Wordpress.


Why do I have to pay you before I see what my site will look like?

A huge part of your online success is due to the comprehensive research that SiteSell Professionals puts into the foundation of your site build. Right from the start, your Professional will be collecting valuable data about your theme, business and target market.

This critical stage takes time and effort. We want to make sure that we are working with people who are as seriously committed to their online success as we are. Upfront payment separates the merely interested from the dedicated.


Can SiteSell Professionals take over my non-SiteSell site?

Our Professionals can not work on sites owned by non-customers. However it is easy to get started with either SBI! (to transfer your site in) or if you use WordPress, consider getting SBI! for WP. Using either of these tools will set you up as a customer of SiteSell, and therefor eligible to hire us.

However, if your non-SiteSell site represents your business well and if it gets the conversion job done (i.e., if it generates leads, makes sales, etc.) we could leverage your investment by creating a feeder or funnel site to drive traffic to your non-SiteSell site.

This additional site is designed to attract motivated, interested visitors from Search Engines and send them to your existing site. The teamwork of these two complementary sites completes the job (i.e., generate leads, make sales). This two-step process can be extremely powerful.

Alternatively, your Professional may recycle appropriate content from your non-SiteSell site and then de-activate it. This approach is good for sites that have no visitors, or have a poor design, or are outdated (or any combination of the above) or where the cost to update the non-SiteSell site would not be worth it when compared to starting over.


Who do I talk to? How do I communicate about my site?

When you sign up with SiteSell Professionals, we do more than build a website. As soon as you click on the Order button, you begin a long-term relationship with your own dedicated Professional.

You will communicate via the telephone and through emails. There is no need for any physical meeting.


Can you build an e-commerce/shopping website or a database-driven website if I want one, instead of the keyword content pages you are well-known for?

Let us know what you need, and we can evaluate your needs to provide an estimate for you.


Can I select my own Professional?

You do not need to know the name of a Professional before you start. Your order will be placed with a highly qualified Professional who is the best match for your online needs. For optimal collaboration, we want you to have a Professional who understands your expectations and feels comfortable working on your topic.

If you are familiar with a particular Professional (ex., s/he built another site for you or someone you know has recommended this person), you can mention his or her name during the ordering process (via the questionnaire form linked in your email receipt).


How long will it take to make money and get lots of visitors?

SiteSell Professionals is NOT a get-rich-quick process. We will build for you the foundation and framework of a website that pleases both human visitors and the Search Engines. Whether you are starting a business online or offline, you can't speed up time, or suspend reality, or clearly see the future. Nobody can predict or promise the exact level of orders or traffic that your website will generate.

SiteSell Professionals never promises numbers! We promise a dedicated long-term approach to helping you achieve the best site in your particular business niche or industry.


What if I want to place my website build on hold during construction?

Placing your site on hold is possible.

If circumstances on your part necessitate a delay, we reserve the right to handle other orders first until a new opening is available. Please avoid such delays by informing your Professional ahead of time, if possible.

If for some reason a project is delayed through our fault, we want to know. Please contact us to let us know.


What guarantee do I have if I want to cancel mid-project?

If you need to cancel for some reason, you can ask for a pro-rated refund. The subscription service will be canceled immediately.

SiteSell Professionals will charge you only for the amount of time that the Professional has already spent on your build. This is a fair usage policy, which recognizes that highly trained, dedicated and in-demand Professionals must be compensated for their work.

For example: Let's say that an unforeseen circumstance arises in your personal life and you need to cancel an order. At this point, your Professional has researched and presented the site approach with the most potential. In this case, SiteSell refunds the cost of your order minus the hours spent doing the foundational research and preparation.


What input is required from me while the website is being built?

You know your business best so your feedback is invaluable. For example, after you complete the Brainstorming Order Form, your SiteSell Professional will ask your advice in order to make such decisions as...

  • choosing your domain name,
  • organizing how your content is structured,
  • identifying what graphics you want on your pages.
  • adding your voice and expertise to the content provided

The content is particularly important. Your Professional can research and write content pages for you, but it is vital that you review each of these pages thoroughly and add your own voice to them. This involvement ensures that visitors see, through the content, your expertise and enthusiasm for your chosen niche topic.

Your Professional will consult you and walk you through each stage of the building process as s/he does it. This allows you to apply your time and efforts into other important elements of your business.


How long does it take to build my website?

Your purchase sets into motion an organized sequence of events that delivers a fully functional website within a minimum of 20 business days for the smallest size build and up from there to the largest build. How long it takes will vary considerably due to how quickly you respond to questions/requests from your Pro, how long your Pros' queue may be, and the complexity of your build.

The number of days are a guideline and depend on communication time between client and Professional. Corrections that might need to be made to your website before completion also result in a longer development time. Ultimately it is our goal to complete your site in the shortest amount of time possible with the best results.

Please note that the initial research period includes input from you about your business. Shortly after you place your order, your Professional will arrange a meeting time that is convenient for you. The sooner this meeting happens, the sooner your site's development will get underway.

Site development then continues and pages are added as soon as they are ready. You will be involved in the content creation. Please invest time to get the right "voice" and make your expertise shine through in order for your visitors to see and understand that you are an authority in your niche.


Can I make changes once you start building my website?

When you take advantage of SiteSell Professionals you have the exclusive opportunity to work one-on-one with a dedicated, experienced Professional who will help you investigate possible approaches to your niche site theme. Within the first few days, you will choose the approach you believe best captures your business goals and your target market's needs.

Each stage of the process allows for some revision. However once you accept completion of a stage, additional work in that stage would require additional time. The next stage cannot start until you've approved/accepted the current stage of work.

With the creation of a site blueprint, the first building stage begins! You will see content being uploaded at a quicker pace than you ever imagined.

In the building stage, you start with receiving content in document form; you need to review, edit, add your voice then return the final copy to your SiteSell Pro.

At that point they will create the pages for that group of articles. You will have one opportunity to review the pages live and request a layout revision (which can contain multiple edits, but must be contained in one email or document). Layout revision is for changes that involve the page layout (picture placement, headline placement, how the page itself looks, basically items you couldn't see via the content sent in document form).

We will fix any typos, or errors caused by us at any time.

Please note: A different approach or theme for your site would require the purchase of custom work hours to cover the cost of the development of a new site blueprint, or other work that needs to be revised.

Basically, you can purchase additional time to cover whatever revisions or edits you require that fall outside the outline above.


Can I be guaranteed exclusivity for my theme?

That's not possible and we don't want to mislead you. On the Net, there are thousands of sites already in existence covering every conceivable topic. More than likely your theme is there, too.

While your theme will probably never be exclusive, the way that you present it can be. That's why your Professional will focus on the right content to make your business stand out from the crowd. A warm personal style and quality content make a big difference on the Net.


I'm not sure about my site topic. Can you research more than one topic for me?

Our Professionals need a clear idea of your website topic right from the start. You are an expert in your field, so it's up to you what the topic is.

We can recommend, however, that you talk with your Professional after purchasing your Site Build. They will advise you on how to purchase custom work hours so they can research additional concepts for you.


Why are there so many keywords in my Keyword Report?

The Report is designed for current and future usage. With your Site Build, your Professional gets you off to an excellent start by using some of those keywords to create your first pages.

The Report also shows you where you can go from that point. Think of it this way ... you need a clear picture as to how your site will evolve and build ongoing success. The additional keywords in the Keyword Report will help you and your Professional to identify the most appropriate pages to add to your Site Build foundation.

You have no obligation to add more pages. However, if you want to, you will know where and how they fit into the overall structure of your site.

Keep in mind, as you add more pages, your traffic momentum increases. And that means more potential customers for your business!


Why can't I provide you with the keywords?

Your Professional uses advanced Solo Build It! (SBI!) keyword research tools to find the most appropriate keywords for your topic. Each keyword that your Professional discusses with you is one that a real person has searched for. Your keyword list, which highlights high-demand searches, will identify the most effective way to promote your online business.

Please note that our research doesn't pull just any keyword. It pulls up keywords that are...

  • related to your topic,
  • being used by searchers to find such information, and
  • rank highly due to the fact that not too many other websites are using these keywords.

As you can imagine, it's delicate research. You can, of course, suggest keywords for your Professional to research their potential.


Why do I need a website that keeps adding pages?

You can certainly stop after building your Site Build. However, to achieve top ranking at the Search Engines and strong traffic results, more pages are needed. Here's why, and as you will see, this requirement is beyond our control. Search Engines rank sites that are an authority on their topic. The highest-ranking sites present many pages of related information that focus on strongly related keywords.

That's why your Professional makes a site outline from the start, showing the most useful and appropriate keywords. There is no obligation to add any pages, but you have the option to expand your site at any time you like.

Once the Search Engines see that visitors are finding what they want on your site, they will send even more traffic. The more regularly your web pages receive updates and your site size increases, the more opportunities you will have to get free Search Engine traffic.


What content do I need to provide for my website?

Your content is the cornerstone to a successful traffic-generating website. Your Professional creates a site blueprint using a brainstormed list of high potential, relevant-to-your-theme keywords and your feedback about your online business goals.

Each keyword that you and your Professional select from that list becomes the base for a webpage, around which your Professional creates some preliminary content (i.e., a text article). Your Professional bases this draft content on his or her research of your niche. However, because you have expertise in your niche, you are in the best position to inspect and suggest edits/tweaks to the preliminary draft to reflect your vision. We highly recommend that you reserve some time for this.

Your input during the initial development stage will help to produce content that best reflects your style/personality and business. If you have information on file that you would like your Pro to use or you would like to write some of the content yourself, those options are also possible and your SiteSell Pro will be happy to discuss them with you. Of course, all material must be free of copyright violations.

We cannot however give credit for content you've written. Your Professional will still need to edit for keyword usage. placement and may also have to edit for search intent of the keywords. The time they spend doing this is time they are entitled to be compensated for.


What if I don't like the basic content the Professional provides me?

Preliminary content (also often referred to as basic content) is content written by the Professional to get you on the right track. It describes the page keyword and has a broad / general feel to it. It is not meant to be the end content for your site.

Of course, our Professionals cannot be experts in every topic, so the basic content nearly always needs your input. You are the expert in your field and have selected a topic that you want to use to build your online business.

With the basic content you have a way of getting the creative juices going. By adding your expertise and personal voice your site becomes personal and forms its own identity on the web. Each site needs that personal touch and you, the business owner, are the one that needs to inject it into the basic content.

For that reason some clients write their own content direct from the start. If you want to write your own content, a standard Keyword Focused Content Page starts at around 500 words long, that's about one or one and a half pages of text. However, if more words are needed to cover the topic of that keyword, then it needs to be longer. Many SBIers use in excess of 750 words; some several thousand to cover things in good depth. We provide at least 500 words per page of basic content.

After you have added your expertise and personal voice, the Professional will tweak it again but this time from a Search Engine Optimization perspective.

If you find that the basic content isn't up to your liking, please be proactive and talk to your Professional immediately. Be prepared to tweak it till it is. Your Professional will have specific instructions as to how, when and where you can make such improvements. You are the one that is aiming for online success, therefore the content needs to be yours.


Can I do my own research for my content pages?

You are welcome to do additional research for site content, but this is optional. If you decide to do some research, make sure that you and your Professional both agree on the time frame in order to avoid any page-building delays.


How long can my pages be?

A standard Keyword Focused Content Page is at least 500 words long, that's about one and a half pages of text. It includes basic formatting, such as highlighting words in bold or italic and includes a text link to other pages if appropriate. Also see our policy about adding images to pages, which is mentioned above.

However, you should strive to have pages that answer questions your visitors may have ... so really, how long? As long as it needs to be to stay focused and answer the question(s) your visitor may have!

Pages that are extra long and/or are more complex will take much longer to build. This can still be done but may require an additional Custom Work order.


I have lots of products that I want to sell. Why should I have pages with lots of writing?

Many new small to medium-sized shopping sites receive very little direct traffic from the Internet. Here's why... if you simply have pages with pictures of your products and do not have any text (which is the case for many shops on the Net), Search Engines will index the pages but likely won't rank them very well. As a result, your site will not generate growing and ongoing traffic. The ideal way to pull visitors into your store and convert them is by offering lots of information about each of your products. On the Net, people can't physically touch your product so your words have to win them over. These types of product pages are also keyword-focused content pages when done properly and will help draw more traffic to your site.


Are images included in the content of my site?

Your SiteSell Professional will include 1 image per webpage for each Site Build. If you would like to have additional images included, we can arrange this for an additional fee. Please keep in mind, well-written quality text should be the key focus of each webpage since information is what your visitor is searching for.

You can provide your own images or your Professional will ask you to select from a stock image site, unless you provide us with alternative copyright-free images. If you wish to use images from other photo libraries or images costing more than $1.50 US per image, that's fine but please be aware that you will need to purchase them yourself and send them to us.

SiteSell Professionals will not upload graphics that violate another person's or company's copyright. You must either own the images you provide, or have written permission from the owner to use them.


I prefer a design with multiple-columns, what should I have my Pro put in the side column(s) of my site?

You can select the following options for your column content

* Social links/icons
* Newsletter sign-up form
* Client testimonials
* Site description
* Site unique selling points with links to specific pages
* Description and links to top pages
* Images (maximum size - weight and pixels - will be determined based on niche)
* Logos of partners / affiliates / clients
* Products

This content can be featured on all pages, or just some pages. If you want content that requires specific customization, an additional custom quote might be needed. If you are not sure if your content is allowed, please ask your SiteSell Pro.


Can I copy content or images from anywhere on the Internet?

In 99.9% of the cases, content and images online are copyright protected. This means you should not copy images or content, for use anywhere, without the copyright owner's written permission.

If you take content or images without permission or payment (whatever the copyright owner requires), you could be subject to being sued and may end up being liable for thousands of dollars in damages. This is not a risk we would ever suggest someone take.

And, to further show our commitment to protecting the copyrights of others, we will not knowingly post content or images that may infringe the copyright of others.


Can I design my own template?

A template design may look easy to construct, but it can present some difficulties. Designs are produced by a Design Team with a deep understanding of the website platform as well as Search Engine Optimization.

You can certainly provide your own design, however you should review the design with your Professional.

You may be asked to complete a Design Questionnaire in which you will provide the Design Team with a description of the images, logo and/or a slogan you would like to use. You will also be asked to show us samples of what you like, or the type of design you would like to use. The Team can then create a design that meets your expectations. Depending on the complexity of the design selected, there may be an additional fee required. Your Professional can check that out for you before a design is started.


What do I do if I want a more advanced custom website design?

We offer advanced design options based on your needs/wishes. They would be available for an additional fee.

Please note that we change only the design of the site. The core research, keywords and focus on Keyword Focused Content Pages remain intact.

Your Professional can explain the more advanced custom design options available and what additional costs would be involved, if any.


The site is done, what if I need to have my design changed?

Changes to the design, after the design has been accepted by you, will require the purchase of additional Custom Work time.


I want the source file of my design, how do I get it?

The PSD (source file) will need to be prepared for release. Please order 1 hour of Custom Work and the designer will prepare the PSD and send it to you.


What if I want integrated scripts, shopping cart or database possibilities?

Please contact us and let us know what you need. We will be happy to provide an estimate for it.


What is included with respect to scripts like AdSense or affiliate links?

People search the Web for information. That's why Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCP) (i.e., information pages about specific topics) form the foundation of your site. While the scripts, widgets or other applets may add small enhancements, KFCPs attract real, eager-to-learn visitors.

Scripts should be used after careful consideration of your visitor's needs and your Most Wanted Response (i.e., what action you want your visitor to take on that page).

Should you need additional scripts, apps, or applets, we are happy to provide you with a custom estimate. All special requests are welcome for review and we look forward to helping you meet your business site's goals efficiently. If specific scripts are essential parts of your website, please inquire about the possibilities before you order.


Apart from the creation of Keyword Focused Content Pages, what other things can I add or do with my website?

Once your core Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCPs) are uploaded, SiteSell Professionals can add a range of features to your site that will work with your PREselling and monetization goals: video, blogs, RSS, forms, feedback, surveys, newsletters, auto responders and more! Popular features such as these are offered as easy to order options.

Custom work and Maintenance is estimated on an individual basis. Please contact us to get an estimate for extras, or discuss what you want with your Professional.


What happens after my site is built?

Most website companies build a site and step away, leaving you to get on with it. Building a website is not something that you do once; it's an ongoing activity. This is but one small way in which SiteSell Professionals is different.

Once your site is built, their focus remains on getting results and your Professional is always just one click away.


Can I maintain my site myself after it is completed?

Yes, you can. In your first conversation with your Professional, just let him or her know that you eventually want to take over site maintenance.

When you are ready to make the transition, we highly recommend that you book some consultancy time with your Professional. Your Professional can estimate and arrange training for you so you can perform the regular maintenance tasks with confidence and, at your discretion, involve your Professional for bigger or more delicate jobs as the need may arise. The best of both worlds!


How and where can I give feedback about my Professional?

Once your Site Build is complete, you will get an email requesting your feedback. However if you prefer, you can use this form to provide feedback at anytime.


How long does it take for my website to get good traffic?

Success depends to a large extent on the demand for your topic. There are no set rules for traffic growth due to a wide range of variables (individual business expectations/definitions, available time to work on site, age of site, nature of niche, quality of writing style, inbound links, etc.).


When can I expect the first business to come through my website?

Some websites have made sales within a few days. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that a saturated market, such as Internet Marketing or Financial Advice, will always take longer and be harder to break into than a tightly-focused niche market.

SiteSell Professionals know from experience how to research and identify the most profitable niche for your business. Taking the time to set up a solid site foundation ensures that you will receive a good return on investment.


How long does it take for my website to become successful?

SiteSell Professionals will make every effort to ensure that your site is as successful as possible. An exact time frame, however, is impossible to state. You are building not only a website, but also a complete online business.

Just like any new business, your website will take time to become known and established. Using the right process and the right tools, your Professional will start you off on the right track and keep you there. Your success is our success.


If I don't get any sales from my website can I get a refund?

SiteSell Professionals guarantees that everything possible will be done to create the most effective opportunity for you to succeed online. That commitment extends from vital keyword research to foundation-building to content creation to traffic generation to implementation of income streams.

You can ask for a refund as per the SiteSell Professionals guarantee. A refund would be pro-rated to take into account any work already completed by your Professional.

After the Build

I want ongoing support from my Pro, what can I expect?

Your Pro and the rest of the SiteSell Professionals team are always ready to help you fully capitalize on the Net's potential in any way that they can. Your Pro will provide initial answers and guidance via email, however ongoing maintenance, answers, guidance will need to be covered by adding more time to your Pros Account.

Once a SiteSell Professionals Site Build is completed, you have different options for expanding your site's pages, increasing your traffic base, and getting advice on the "next-best" step(s) for your business.

Option #1 - Plus Pages Package

The best way to build a successful site is to keep adding content pages that provide more information about your niche. That's what your visitors are looking for.

Discuss the "next-best" pages with your Pro, learn more here.

The advice your Pro will give you is directly related to your site's Keyword Report, which outlines additional potential areas of growth for your business.

Option #2 - Custom Work

If your site needs anything done that falls outside the scope of the Site Build or Plus Pages Packages, you can book Custom Work time with your Pro. (This also includes ongoing site maintenance, if requested.) Your Pro will give you a Custom Work quote and describe the exact work that will be done, including consultation sessions.

Option #3 - Consultancy

If you need personal advice about the best way to manage your site or any other business-related matter, you can also book Consultant time. Once again, your Pro will provide you with a suggested amount of hours. Your Pro's advice will respond to your specific concerns or ideas. And since your Pro is already up to speed (i.e., knows your business objectives, and your site's development and potential), the consultations are very focused.


How many of my email questions will you answer if I don't buy more pages?

You don’t necessarily need to buy more pages to get your questions answered immediately after a site build is complete, but you do need to pay for your Pro’s time when it concerns ongoing advice, training or building. You can do this by ordering some Consulting time. Briefly ask / discuss your needs or wishes and the Pro will help you move your business forward.


Why do I have to buy time for you to teach me how to build pages or add extra items to my site?

When you take advantage of the varied SiteSell Pros site build options, you have the exclusive opportunity to work one-on-one with a dedicated, experienced Pro who will help you reach your business goals and your target market’s needs.

Once your Site Build is completed, you can continue to work with the same Pro, if you wish. It takes time for most people to learn new things, so it’s only fair that Pros be compensated for their time if they teach you. (All of our Pros are in great demand due to their expertise.) We also recommend that you consider the Solo Build It! Forums and our Consulting options, two strong support options for "do-it-yourselfers."


What is the Monthly Service payment for?

The Monthly Service payment allows you to pay for your SBI! website subscription/web hosting in easy, monthly installments ($29.99 USD). You can, of course, opt to pay it in annual installments ($299 annually) if you prefer.

In addition, it covers functions such as automated Search Engine submissions, website backups, site tracking, traffic reports and more.

Please contact SiteSell Support via their online form for assistance in changing your preferred SBI! Subscription Payment:


What is the next best thing to do now that my site build is completed?

Now that you have a solid foundation in place, don’t abandon your site. Keep expanding the number of pages and start working on getting social networking in place. It takes ongoing efforts and dedication to build a flourishing site and online business.

In line with your Website Development Plan here...

Adding more Keyword Focused Content Pages makes your site attractive to both humans and Search Engines. Learn more about this powerful strategy - the Secret Power of More Pages.

Ultimately, you should aim to make your website like an inverted pyramid. This page gives a simple explanation of how this works...

Site Diagram,

In addition, you need inbound links. Not just any kind of links, but high-quality, relevant ones. Why?

Because, Search Engines are using inbound or "in-pointing" links (and other "off-page criteria") to help decide how relevant your site is for your most important keywords. The more relevant and higher in value the inbound links are, the better ranking score your site will receive from the Search Engines.

For advice about building a strong links program, ask your Pro about the affordable options provided by SiteSell.


What is the next best package to add to my site?

Building a business online is much like building a house. Once you have a good foundation in place, you need to continue adding content, much as you would add bricks and roof tiles to your house.

You can order additional sets of pages (in multiples of 5 pages) to flesh out your site's content. Once you reach 25-30 pages, secure just a few high quality inbound links to your site, then work on building social marketing signals to your site.

Do you already have 20 or more pages? The time is right to ask your Pro about other methods to build traffic. They can help you with recommendations for the best ways to enhance your site’s credibility with both your visitors and the Search Engines.


What’s the best long-term approach for my site? What if I only want a few pages?

If you purchased a Site Package, you can certainly stop after it’s completed. However, to achieve top ranking at the Search Engines and to increase traffic momentum, more content pages are needed. Here's why, and as you will see, this requirement is beyond our control. Search Engines rank sites according to their perceived authority or expertise for their theme. The highest-ranking sites present many topical pages of related information (based on specific keywords).

That's why your Pro makes a "content" plan or blueprint for your site right from the start, which displays useful keywords. You are under no obligation to add more pages, but you have the option to expand your site at any time you like.

Once the Search Engines see that visitors are finding what they want on your site, they will send even more traffic. (They want satisfied surfers!) As your site increases in size due to updates and new information, so also will your free Search Engine traffic levels increase.

If you only want a small site and you are not concerned about Search Engine rankings, we recommend you keep it active and updated with fresh content. Nobody likes a site with old information.


I've been told to get as many inbound links to my site as possible. Should I?

Inbound links happen when other webmasters like your site and feel that it adds value to their visitors' online experience. These webmasters then provide a link for the visitors to click through to your site.

These inbound links are very valuable to you because they build your credibility. It demonstrates to the Search Engines that you are an expert in your field and visitors recognize your authority.

However, you need to review your inbound links regularly for quality of the sites linking to you. Low quality links coming in from low quality sites can negatively impact your site's rankings. Your Pro can help with a review of your links and recommendations at any time.


How long does it take to start getting Search Engine traffic?

Because your Pro has properly constructed Keyword-Focused Content Pages for your site, it's easy for Search Engine spiders to explore and gather information about your site.

However, if your theme is fairly general or very competitive, it may take several weeks before spiders visit your site. The more focused your theme is, the sooner you will see reporting for traffic stats. A competitive theme requires lots of in-demand relevant information to help your site stand out from the crowd.

Building traffic is an ongoing process and does not happen instantly. You have a good foundation created through the Site Package, but now you need to flesh out the bones or framework of your site. Fresh content attracts a steady stream of targeted traffic and Search Engine spiders, so continue to add more Keyword-Focused Content Pages. Use the Keyword Report from your Pro to help you select the best topics. If you selected the C5 Bronze Package, keyword research was not done for your site, however you can request it, including the site blueprint, for 5 hours of Custom Work.

It is impossible for us to pinpoint an exact traffic pattern for your site. Your specific theme, the Net's demand/supply of information related to your theme, the size your site (i.e., number of webpages), the number of high quality inbound links (and absence of low quality inbound links), and other variables all influence how quickly your traffic base expands. We do know, though, that your site's solid foundation has started you on the right path and as you build more content, your traffic will increase steadily upward.


What else can I do to generate traffic to my site?

Your best strategy is to continue adding new content pages. Search Engines love fresh content -- an expanding site demonstrates to them how well you know your theme and it also reinforces your expertise. The main goal of the engines is to provide the best search results for surfers.

You can add pages yourself or you can order a Plus Pages package and have your Pro do it for you...

In addition to adding new pages, you can also increase your site popularity with Social Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), which in turn increases your site's reputation for the Search Engines and improves your ranking position on Search Engine Results Pages. The higher position your site has, the easier it is for visitors to find your business.

And on that site, don't miss Make Your Links WORK!, a free guide that will help you to build your inbound links program...

Download it here (log in required)


How do I begin to monetize my site?

Your Pro identified and discussed potential monetization options when she or he was brainstorming your initial Site Concept.

Ideally, it's best to begin monetizing after you have at least 30 pages and around 50 visitors per day coming to your site. An expanded site attracts more traffic and its content builds your credibility as an expert. Visitors who have confidence in you are easier to convert into customers.

When your site is ready, implement one of the monetization options suggested by your Pro and then add others, one-by-one. For more potential options, check out the Monetizing section of Search It!...

Choose Monetization in Step 1, and next choose the appropriate option in Step 2. Click on the link for more help with Step 2 and then enter your keyword in Step 3 and 4.

If you need more help with this, please book some Custom Work with your Pro.


How long does it take to make an income from my site?

The amount of income will depend on your service / product, your niche, the age and size of your site, how much traffic you get and the “stickiness” of your content.

The key is not to give your visitors the impression that you’re desperate to capture their dollars. If people feel that you’re just pitching them, they will leave. Instead, gently presell them so that they trust you and they naturally click on your order form or recommended affiliate links.

SiteSell Professionals is NOT a get-rich-quick process. We will build for you the foundation and framework of a website that pleases both human visitors and the Search Engines. Whether you are starting a business online or offline, you can't speed up time, or suspend reality, or clearly see the future. Nobody can predict or promise the exact level of orders or traffic that your website will generate.

SiteSell Professionals never promises numbers. What we do promise is a dedicated long-term approach to helping you achieve the best site in your particular business niche or industry.

Gently preselling your visitors, providing them with Keyword Focused Content that meets their needs, helping them to know, like and trust you... these are all factors that will increase your visitor-to-customer conversion rates.

Generally speaking, the more pages you have on your site, the more likely you are to achieve your personal measure of success. Experience has shown us that sites with more than 35 pages do better than those with only a handful of pages. That's because you become an expert, or the voice of authority, in the eyes of your visitors.

How do I access the Back Office of my site?

The Site Access email you received from your Pro outlines where to login to your website's backend and basic information to navigate it.


How do I check my emails?

In the Site Access email you received from your Pro, they outlined the steps to access your email. If you need this email sent to you again, please contact your Pro.


How do I look at my Form submissions?

Your Pro set up a Form (or Forms) on your site to cc you when someone makes a submission. If you are not getting a copy of these emails, please contact your Pro.


How do I add a Form to one of my pages?

Your Pro set up a Contact Form for your site as part of the initial Package.

You can easily set up a Form on your own and add it to any new or existing pages. Your Access email has links to the "how to" things for your site.


How do I check my Traffic Stats?

You can find all kinds of useful information about the traffic visiting your site in your Traffic Stats. Your Access email outlines how to access your traffic stats.


How do I add a new page to my website?

Review the copy of your Site Access email for information on how to add pages to your site.

If you need more help with this, please book some training time with your Pro.


How do I add video to one of my pages?

Review your Access email for information on how to add video to your site.


How do I add a shopping cart?

You can add a shopping cart yourself but the quickest (no learning curve!) and most cost-effective method is to ask your Pro to set it up for you. It will depend on which shopping cart you want, and what platform your site was built upon, for the how to do it instructions. With thousands of carts out there, we can't give instructions on each and everyone, but we can help install them per the programmers instructions!


How can I market my local business online using my new website?

Check the special Local Business Reference Series (log in required) in the Monetization HQ, for tips and advice about marketing a local business. This tells you more about getting listed in local directories and with the search engines, for example with Google Maps for local searches, among other things.


Where can I find tips and "how-to's" about building my website?

The Tips and Techniques Headquarters (TNT HQ) provides a wealth of information to help with building and marketing your SBI! site and business online.

You can also use Find It! to search through SiteSell's articles and resources, and the FAQ threads in the SiteSell forums.

And we mustn't forget, Monetization HQ for when your site is ready to be monetized.

For Wordpress users who have bizXpress, you can find business building information here:

For tips and "how-to's" and for Monetization ideas, tips and "how-to's."


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