Your Website's Foundation
Succeed Faster With The Proper Foundation

Following our C T P M process, we've outlined a sampling of items that we can do for you to help build a successful foundation for your website. Each step is important in the process, decide what you want to do yourself, and what you want or need help with:

  • Site Concept Research: Research 3 potential Site Concepts and provide recommendations via email, 3 Hours (USD $285) Custom Work

  • Niche Brainstorm: Brainstorm and research of your pre-determined and viable Site Concept. (Requires viable site concept keyword phrase to already be determined. If you have not determined a viable Site Concept yet, please order the above item for "Site Concept Research" first). 3 Hours (USD $285) Custom Work ** (This item does not include Site Blueprint)
  • While we use our own proven process and guidelines to complete keyword research, we must note that we cannot guarantee keywords will result in #1 placement with Search Engines. There are too many other factors involved in rankings, such as quality content, competition, social signals, marketing, etc.

  • Site Blueprint/Outline, Tier Structure only: 3 Hours (USD $285) Custom Work ** Includes completion of column C (Specific Keyword for Each Page), D (Navbar Text), H (Demand)and I (Supply) with an estimated 100 keyphrases. Requires viable and pruned Master Keyword List for best results. Additional pruning/brainstorming would be extra.
  • Search Intent: Review of up to 25 keywords with recommendation on proper search intent. 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work

  • Meta Tags: Writing of enticing Title and Description meta tags for 10 pages on your site.1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work.

  • Monetization Mix: Research monetization potential of your site concept and recommend a monetization mix for your niche with suggestions for implementation, 2 Hours (USD $198) Custom Work.

  • Branding Your Site:
    • Domain Name: Research and recommend domain names, 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work

    • Slogans help put the icing on your preselling cake - A great slogan is a valuable addition to any online business. You will receive five (5) slogans or taglines for your site. Many people end up using some of the "backup" choices as headlines on sales pages, e-zine names, or other useful Site assets, 1/2 Hour (USD $49.50) Custom Work ***

    • Valuable Preselling Proposition (VPP): Written VPP Recommendations on VPP and a couple angles or ways to position the site, 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work ***

    • Valuable Preselling Proposition (VPP) Review: Written VPP review of home page, 1/2 Hour (USD $49.50) Custom Work ***

    • *** Valuable Preselling Proposition (VPP) Combo Deal, for 1.5 Hours (USD $148.50) Custom Work, which includes:
      • Review of home page and several internal pages to establish VPP;

      • Recommendations for new angle and VPP for your site, if needed. If you have a good VPP already then recommendations are made on ways to improve upon it;

      • 5 Slogans or Headlines to consider with your new VPP in mind;

      • Written report that includes the above, which you can follow step by step through the recommended process to improve/replace your VPP.

    • Home Page Rewrite: to incorporate new angle and Valuable Preselling Proposition (VPP) of the site. Includes one edit and up to 700 words, 2 Hours (USD $198) Custom Work