Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs about our Services



Who are the SiteSell Professionals?

The SiteSell Professionals are SiteSell-approved webmasters who are knowledgeable and experienced users of the SiteSell system ... C-T-P-M ... Content-Traffic-Preselling-Monetization... and have helped create successful, keyword-focused sites that generate targeted traffic.

These highly qualified professionals offer web design, webmastering, site-building, web copywriting and website research/analysis services to individuals and businesses wishing to expand their exposure and take full advantage of the Net.


May I see examples of sites you've worked on?

Yes! Just click here to visit the SiteSell Professionals Success Stories which shows just a small sampling of the entrepreneurs using our system successfully!

These small business owners started with one of our Site Packages. The most successful site owners continue to add Keyword Focused Content Pages that are based on advanced keyword brainstorming and market research to help build upon their free Search Engine traffic and draw targeted visitors to their sites.

You can also view our sample Portfolio to get an idea of what we've been doing lately!


Does SiteSell host my website?

It depends ...

If you select the SBI! site builder, then your site is hosted with SiteSell. You are charged monthly ($29.99) for the hosting and tools, or you can opt for an annual subscription for $299 a year.

If you opt for Wordpress, then you will need to set up your own hosting (we can help of course). We can recommend a few hosts to choose from or you can go with the host of your choice.


Can the SiteSell Professionals work on my non-SiteSell site?

Yes, our Professionals can work on a non-SiteSell site to update or maintain it. Please contact us to get an estimate.


Do you do website design?

Yes, we can create a custom design for your website, or custom graphics like buttons, icons, e-good covers, etc. for you to use. Check out our Portfolio here.


My website isn't getting much traffic, can you help?

Yes, we can! We research your traffic and do a site analysis to find out why you aren't getting the traffic you deserve. We will also provide recommendations specific to your website geared to help you build or rebuild your traffic. Our Custom Work option is what you are looking for!


I've got traffic but not earning much of anything. Do your Services cover my situation?

Yes, we can review your monetization, make suggestions for improvement, including conversion analysis to help you earn more with the traffic you already have. Try our Custom Work option for this.


I just don't have the time to build a website or maintain it, but I need one! What should I do?

We can build a website for you, and even maintain it if you like. We have various Site Packages or we can build a website customized to your goals.


Do you offer help with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? They have me so confused!

Yes, we offer various training packages for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Check out our Custom Work options.


Can you set up third-party applications like shopping carts, calendars, maps, widgets, etc.?

Yes, absolutely! Just let us know what you need and we can provide an estimate to you.


I just really need a mentor of some kind to help teach me the steps to building a website, maintaining it, and doing it successfully. Do you do mentoring or training?

Yes, we do. We can guide you through the maze of building a website, starting an online business, and doing it successfully! Look at our Consulting offer here.