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Responsive designs make your site mobile ready! Currently Featured: Responsive Designs - 4 Hours ($380 US) Custom Work
Responsive designs for SBI!'s BB2/Site Designer and for Wordpress. Now's the time to get your site mobile-ready so why not spruce up your site and get a new design too?

(My designer,) Rhonda was excellent. Her skills are top notch, and her communication was friendly, personal and professional.

- William of

I asked Tatiana (my Pros designer) to change a word on my Look & Feel and also to add some suitable graphics to my home page. The work was completed in super quick time and was exactly what I wanted. The result really improved my home page.

Tatiana responded quickly to my problem and I always find it a pleasure to work with her. She's polite, pleasant and delivers above and beyond what is asked.

- Mark of

I just wanted to say that Mike Fulson, the designer of my webpage was really exceptional the entire time. I really enjoyed working with him. He was pleasant 100% of the time, there were no problems. Really nice person to work with.

- Joe of

Please note, all times noted are estimates only and are based on prior experiences. Any unused time can be held for future work, or refunded upon request. Please review other important notes here.

Basic starter graphics and editing:

other graphics

Customize Image: Have an image or two you need edited? We would clean up the image you provide and make the simple edit(s) you need such as adding a tagline (slogan), special font for your domain name, or removing/adding an image. 1 revision per image. 1/2 hour Custom Work ($54 US).

Edit Images: Edit (resize, crop, optimize to improve loading time) 10-15 images/photos, 1 Hour Custom Work ($99 US)

Custom Simple Graphics/Icons: Want to stand out from the crowd? Get custom icons and graphics for your site that are truly unique and memorable. You may estimate approximately 30 minutes per image, however the actual cost will depend on the complexity of the images you request. Includes 1 edit per image. 1/2 hour Custom Work ($49.50 US) per simple image or icon.


Sample ecovers

Ecovers: Use an ecover (for ebooks, newsletters, software downloads and more) to show off your downloadable product offerings!

It's proven that showing a cover graphic when promoting your product can help improve your sales conversions! Includes 1 revision. Get a unique and custom ecover now! 1 hour of Custom Work ($99 US).


Custom logo designs

Custom Company Logo: A custom and unique company logo can enhance your visibility and build confidence in your site. Brand your business with a custom logo today.

Custom CSS: Sometimes all you need is a little design help using CSS, or maybe you need a LOT of design help with CSS! Either way, we can create custom classes to use on your site, for dropdown menu formatting and more. Please start with 1 hour Custom Work ($99 US).

Template Troubleshooting: Have issues with your template? Not sure how to fix them? Let us help! We can review the HTML/CSS/Template in depth and fix what went wrong. Start with 1 hour Custom Work ($99 US).

I had fiddled with the code of my custom-template. This caused a problem with MI. Patrick advised in the forum and suggested coaching. My heart had sunk at the thought of starting over with my design. I can't tell you how happy I am with Patrick's speed of response, clear communication and ultimately rescuing my design. All great stuff.

- Elly P of

Flat or Dynamic Menus: Create a customized static (flat) 10-15 item NavBar for Uploaders using SBI! Includes (for BB2, using Reusable Blocks and/or Sitewide Includes). Start with 1 hour Custom Work ($99 US). Your Pro will let you know if more time is needed based upon what you want. (Sliding, drop down, floating, Mega Menu, or similar menus will likely be more).

Third-party Templates: Convert a third party template to meet SBI! Integration Guidelines. Please start with1 hour Custom Work ($99 US) (additional time may be needed depending on complexity).

Set complementary design based upon SBI! site into 1 module at recommended host, 2 hours Custom Work ($198 US) Popular option for a blog, forum, membership site set up, etc. (Note: The module may not look exactly like your SBI! site; it will, however, coordinate with your site's overall design so that it's immediately recognizable as part of your site)

custom header designs

Custom Header Image: Get a uniquely yours customized header (top) image for your site. We can incorporate your images, domain, slogan/tagline and/or logo to create the tone you want for your site. Includes 2 revisions. 2 hours Custom Work ($198 US).

Edit Existing Template: Love one of the templates in BB2? Need a little customizing to really make it your own? Start with 2 hours Custom Work ($198 US) and get a unique design that really complements your niche!

This is a special thanks to my coach in "redesigning" an SBI! template to my personal taste (for)! He did a great job, was so fast, friendly and had good ideas! I have used the coaching services a few times and I am really impressed - keep up the good work.

- Michaela of

Sliders: You can use sliders on your site to create an interactive experience no matter what type of niche. Help your visitors see the wonder of the travel locale your site is about ... maybe your business clients need to be enticed by a slideshow that shows more than pictures ... use a slider to give condensed tips and links to other areas of your site. No matter the reason, we can create a custom slider for your site!

Click here to see our Slider Portfolio examples: Slider 1 Slider 2 Slider 3 Slider includes setting custom elements for text, links, transitions, size, etc. per your preference. 2 hours Custom Work ($198 US) to set up slider and 4 images with text; additional images with text is 15 Custom Work minutes per image. Client needs to provide the text and images to be used.

Photo Gallery: These galleries offer the ability to auto-scroll or can be set to manual scroll. All images must be the same size. Client must provide larger images to be used. Click here to see the portfolio for the galleries. 1 hour Custom Work ($99 US)

Format Sales Page: Formatting of a custom one-product sales page, 3 hours Custom Work ($285 US) (not including custom graphics ... see above for custom graphic design). See sample formatted sales page here.

Site Design Templates

When we create template designs, the option to include formatting of content within a page is available. This can be done for additional custom work hours, please request your estimate here.

Site Designer/BB2 Standard Template Design

Standard Design

The Site Designer Gallery lists all the designs you can find in Site Designer plus we offer our own Portfolio here that we did for clients. You can use these as inspiration for your own custom design or provide links to other sites on the WWW you would like us to use for inspiration for your site.

Each Site Designer Template consists of

  • 1 Site Designer top image (header only - up to 1600 pixels wide) with domain and/or slogan placed on it, if desired.
  • Preselected Navigation, Content and Extra (3rd) Column sitewide formatting (font, size, color, bold, center, etc. of the major elements such as paragraphs, headlines, preset navigation and right columns as well as footer elements that can be set within Site Designer).
  • Navigation and/or Extra (3rd) Column background colors or borders.
  • Footer background with a simple image, color and/or borders will be set up for you.
  • We set custom content elements (such as special formatting for container blocks, reminder box or callout box, etc.) on the home page and one internal page only. For example, if you would like to have sections of your pages have borders but you didn't place content within container elements to create this look. Each page would then need to be edited to move content into special custom elements to get the look you want.

PLUS, you get three (3) FREE bonus images:

  • a "Favicon" image, 32 pixels by 32 pixels;
  • blank header image (approximately 728 pixels wide) that matches the final design but without any lettering on it; and
  • a blank promo image (468 pixels wide) you can use for advertising; it will match your site design but without any lettering on it.
  • Custom Standard Responsive or Mobilize It! Ready Template for Site Designer, including installation, Standard price $360 US (4 hours Custom Work) with design elements including header image, color coordination of text and fixed design images, single or multi-column layout.
  • You can request up to 2 revisions to the design. Additional revisions will require the purchase of additional Custom Work hours (please see other Important Notes below).

BB2 Responsive Design Responsive Design or Mobilize It! Ready Design Includes checking and fixing multiple pages on your site in various mobile views to make sure the design works well across popular devices, as well as creating a short list of some items you will need to fix on your site so they are also mobile-friendly.

If you have a well-established site, and wish to have a responsive design, we will need to review your site for custom HTML/CSS, non-responsive gridblocks or fixed-width tables, etc. Please order 1 hour Consulting ($69 US) for this review.

Site Design Templates

When we create template designs, the option to include formatting of content within a page is available. This can be done for additional custom work hours, please request your estimate here.

Please note: If you have BB1 pages, your BB1 pages will have the new template design. However, they may not look "perfect" until you convert them to BB2. There may be some formatting, functionality and design differences on your BB1 pages once your BB2 design is uploaded to your site.

Get a free BB1 to BB2 (or Upload to BB2) estimate. Read about our conversions here or request your free estimate here.

We are over the moon ... we just finished with a SBI! design coach who created a brand new look and feel for our site. We purchased one of the SBI! design packages and it was worth every cent ... He was beyond patient, uber creative and really developed the look and feel we were wanting ... This was our third SBI! coaching purchase and each time it has been a great experience!

- Carol of

Advanced designs

Go with an Advanced Template Design (and go outside the box)

Advanced Custom Template Design You get everything noted above for the Standard Design, as well as additional image elements AND you also get a more enveloping experience for your visitors. Order minimum 5 hours of Custom Work ($475 US) to start the project. Also, we recommend you talk with a Design Pro about the design and features you want so you will have a better idea of the cost. Order 30 minutes Consulting ($39 US).

I needed a new design for my website because its look and feel were horrible. So I paid a coach to simply do it all for me. We exchanged several emails and by the time she delivered the third revision of my site, I had exactly what I wanted. I now have a website that looks credible and "inviting" in the words of some observers. I'm a happy camper!

Catherine did a custom design for my website and I am thoroughly impressed. She was very easy to work with, professional, and was genuinely interested in helping me get exactly what I wanted.

Worth every penny.

- Musonda S. of

Site Design Templates

When we create template designs, the option to include formatting of content within a page is available. This can be done for additional custom work hours, please request your estimate here.

Upload Template Design

truly custom designs

Custom designs are also available for those who upload their own HTML. View our portfolio to see samples of designs.

Your final design is also used to create a complementary design that works in Blockbuilder2 for any default pages that do not automatically carry your upload template design. Please order 6 hours Custom Work ($570 US) to get started.

Note: However, if you are willing to get the BB2/Site Designer design template for the level design you prefer, then you can get the transition template to use for uploading also. This may save you some money, however designs that work in BB2 may be more restrictive than those that are strictly created for uploading.

Wordpress Custom Designs

New Wordpress Graphic Design

Design and install New Header Image with Favicon. We also provide a blank 468 x 60 promo image and a blank header image (no text). Up to 2 designs are created based upon your design questionnaire responses. Up to 2 revisions will be made to your selected design. You will need to grant us access to your WordPress dashboard to enable us to do the installation. 3 hours of Custom Work ($285 US)

Create new header image only based upon your preferences. 1 design option is created for you. Includes up to 2 revisions of your design. Includes installation of the image to your Wordpress account. 2 hours Custom Work ($198 US)

Wordpress Responsive Design

Install/Edit a theme for a more custom design including new header, editing of CSS (to change theme colors). Includes up to 2 revisions, 2 design options to choose from, and a blank 468 x 60 promo image, blank header, a 125 x 125 button, and custom design favicon image for your site. 4 hours Custom Work ($380 US).

Site Design Templates

When we create template designs, the option to include formatting of content within a page is available. This can be done for additional custom work hours, please request your estimate here.

Important Notes

Don't see the graphic item you need listed here? Order 30 minutes Consulting ($39 US) to talk with a Design Pro about your needs.

Custom designs include 1 to 3 basic images (noted as approximately $1.50 USD per image for 3 images. High quality images can be found at popular image sites such as,, etc. You can also check out a myriad of free image sites. Check out this list of free image sites in Tips HQ!

If you prefer specific images that cost more than $1.50 USD per image, you will be responsible for purchasing the images and providing them to your designer. If you do provide images, you accept full responsibility for the copyright of the images and their use in your design.

Coding elements such as dropdown menus, javascript, jQuery sliders, lightboxes, photo galleries, search features, database programming, shopping carts and similar are extra and not included in the design options offered above.

Read more about what programming options we can offer (please note the list is not all inclusive): For added programming related items and for shopping carts.

Design source files (PSD files) are not included in design packages. If you wish to have a PSD prepared and turned over to you, please order 1 hour of Custom Work ($99 US) for this.

Please order a 30 minute consult ($39 US) to speak directly with a Pro Designer about your project.

If a full concept redesign is needed, or you prefer to have several concepts to choose from, please order 2 hours of Custom Work ($198 US) for each concept design. One (1) concept design is included with each template order.

Each revision request should include a list of all items you wish to have changed during that revision. If you ask for one thing to be edited, then wait for the designer to provide the updated draft, then request more edits, that will be considered 2 revisions. Make a list of all changes you want before you request a revision be made.

All design options have a set number of revisions included for the design itself. Additional revisions can be provided at 2 revisions per 1 hour of Custom Work ($99 US). All unused revisions expire once you have approved the design and the design is zipped and sent to you.

For all template designs and site designs/redesigns, we ask you to complete a design questionnaire and choose from our portfolios for templates that have your design aesthetic or that inspire you. You can also check out sites on the Internet to see if there is something you really like. We can't copy it but can use it for inspiration. Put any information like this in the design questionnaire along with additional details you want considered for your design.

Site designs include setting the Site Designer elements and then setting up custom content elements per the design on the home page and one internal page only. Additional pages are extra. For example, if you want sections of your pages to have borders but you didn't place content within container elements to help create this look, each page would then need to be edited to move content into special custom elements to get the look you want on all pages.

All graphics, menu, slider work we do for clients may be used in our Portfolio, in accordance with Paragraph 17 of the SiteSell Pros Terms and Conditions. with your permission.

However, we don't link to your site so we won't skew your traffic or bounce rate.

If you would like to provide a testimonial for our pages, please click here.

The Design Process

  • Order Design Services.
  • You receive an email with a link to the Design Questionnaire.
  • Complete the Design Questionnaire.
  • Questionnaire is reviewed and you are asked to send brand or owned images (if needed).
  • You send the images, if needed.
  • The project is assigned to a Designer.
  • The Designer creates a draft design based on the answers you provided in the Design Questionnaire.
  • The Designer asks you to review the design and provide a list of edits and/or feedback.
  • You review the design, provide list of edits and/or feedback in one email (Revision #1).
  • The Designer makes edits to the design, if needed.
  • The Designer asks you to review the revised design and provide a list of edits and/or feedback.
  • You review the revised design, provide a list of edits and/or feedback in one email (Revision #2).
  • You give final approval or pay extra for more revisions.
  • The Designer uploads the final design to your account.
  • The Designer sends a zip copy of the files to you.
  • A feedback request may be sent to you (not all projects will receive this but unsolicited feedback is always welcomed).
  • Feedback received from you (optional but highly recommended to help us improve our services).
  • The design project is closed.