Website Traffic
Building Traffic and Fixing Traffic Issues

From suggestions to improve traffic, to researching traffic issues and making recommendations to fix issues, we can provide in depth analysis or simple corrective work for your website.

Let Google Analytics help you know your site! Let Google Analytics Work For You

Take advantage of powerful tools from THE search engine that wants you to succeed. From discovering who your target visitors are to converting them into money, Google Analytics can do that for you ... and we can help!

Let us set up Google Analytics for you and improve your knowledge of your business.

We will show you how to answer questions such as:

  • How dependent are you on Search Engine traffic? Make your business more secure by diversifying the traffic streams. We can explain that for you and help you know which streams to focus on.
  • Why are your visitors leaving? We can set up Analytics and A/B testing to help you know more about your visitors' behavior and desire to show you the money.
  • What can you write about that will boost your business? Discover which topics on your business get the most attention and which to leave alone.
  • Do visitors like your site? Find out who's staying, who's leaving, and why!
  • You have 6 can you make money ASAP?
  • Have new audience segments revealed.
  • Discover a whole new target market within your niche.
  • Generate more conversions with split testing.
  • And much more...

What We Can Do For You:

  • Set up Google Analytics on your website
  • Give you a solid overview of current traffic sources, behavior and flow
  • Instruct you on how to work with Google Analytic's information
  • Create solutions to your most pressing problems (from retaining traffic to boosting income)
  • Set up A/B split testing on your most popular pages
  • And more...

Choose for yourself how detailed you want your Analytics project to be:

Level 1 Package - 2 Hours Custom Work (USD $198):

  • 30 minute Skype call to go over your goals and what's important to you for your business
  • Set up Google Analytics and split tests on 5 of your most popular pages
  • 30 minute Skype call to provide instructions on how to monitor split tests as well as a quick consultation on what your business needs next depending on your goals

Level 2 Package - 3 Hours Custom Work (USD $285):

  • Level 1 Package features, PLUS
  • 30 minute Skype call to brainstorm possible directions based on Google Analytics feedback
  • Monitoring of split tests depending on traffic amount and attainment of goals

Level 3 Package - 4 Hours Custom Work (USD $380):

  • Level 1 Package features
  • Level 2 Package features, PLUS
  • 60 minute tutorial on maximizing efficiency with Google Analytics for creating a robust site
  • 10 split tests for your top 10 most popular pages and/or goals


Other Traffic and Search Engine Assistance

  • Submit Search Engine Sitemap to the 2 major Search Engines including account verification, 1/2 Hour (USD $49.50) Custom Work.

  • Enticing Searchers: Do you need to drive more traffic to your site? Your SiteSell Professional will go through your home page and Tier 2 pages. They will do lateral searches, more enticing description tags, and create an on page atmosphere for searchers to find your site. 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work per page (home page and three Tier 2 pages = 4 Hours (USD $380) Custom Work)

  • Traffic Troubleshooting - Lost or losing traffic? Don't know the probable why(s) or how to fix the issues found?

    Let one of our 10-Day Action Guide Pros with troubleshooting expertise take a deep dive into your site. Will require access to your stats account (Analytics, Statcounter, etc.) as well as your Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console accounts. Any unused time is refundable. If more time is needed your AG Pro will update you as the project progresses. Order 10 hours Custom Work to get started.

    We recommend you have a Copyscape Premium account (with a minimum available balance of $25 USD). The Pro can then research duplicate content issues related to your site and the results can be maintained in your own account. This way you will have direct access to the results reported.

  • SBIer's, Need Move It!? Traffic dropped? Site hit by penalties? Did your site get hit with the Exact Match Domain (EMD) algo by Google? Have you read these articles from TNT HQ about Move It!? (requires log in to Site Central). Want most of the tasks completed for you so you can focus on what you need to do? Let us help ... for 4 Hours (USD $380) Custom Work, we can:

    Exceptions: The following items are not included in the basic Move It! work noted above, but can be added, if needed:

    • Google+ and Authorship changes or set up;
    • New header image with favicon, 2 Hours (USD $198) Custom Work;
    • Edit social media accounts to reflect new domain (custom estimate would be provided based on exact changes you want as well as which social accounts you have active);
    • Moving C2 pages and forms, approximately 30 minutes Custom Work for 10 invitations and/or forms;
    • Redo Face It! if used; and
    • Monetization Options update (custom estimate would be provided based on the options you have with your site; you would need to give your Pro access to your monetization accounts in order to make these changes).

    Note: A traffic evaluation will be required prior to Pros doing any activities to use Move It!. This is to insure the move is really needed. The cost of the evaluation will be estimated after you let us know the reason you want the move. Once we give you an hourly estimate for the evaluation, and you place the order, our Pros will look over the traffic, etc. to verify the need for Move It!. This evaluation protects you and your site. A move done when none is really needed can be disastrous for your site. Click here to get your evaluation estimate now.

  • Traffic Building: For additional traffic-building strategies, please see Site Review Packages section and the Social Marketing section.

  • Panda (quality on site), Penguin (link quality), and other Google Algo Changes. Also see how we can help fix it here.

  • Analysis of SBI! Tracker Library, Click In statistics, 1 hour (USD $99) Custom Work

  • Analysis of SBI! Click Thru Statistics, 1 hour (USD $99) Custom Work

Set Up SBI!'s Mobilize It!

This includes taking your existing site, and doing the basic Mobilize It! activation as well as doing a quick review and simple fixes (relating to the activation of Mobilize It! only) for 5 pages (homepage plus 4 Tier 2's or homepage, 2 Tier 2's and 2 Tier 3's) on your site, 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work for BB2.

This includes:

  • Doing basic Mobilize It! review of your sitewide elements such as review of the navigation, footer, and the non-content (side) columns you already have. We let you know if fixes are needed to make these sitewide elements mobile-friendly.
  • We will review and fix specific issues (as determined when viewing the selected 5 pages, things like, image placement, tables, etc.) on a minimum of 5 pages (more pages if time allows) so the 5+ pages and their elements work well in mobile.

An estimate can be provided for additional pages once the basic review is completed or you can opt to order Consulting / Training time to learn how to fix the most common conflicts with Mobilize It! within your site.

We are happy to provide a custom estimate to set up Mobilize It! for an uploaded site that is using an iDesign3 template structure. However due to the more complex issues that upload designs can bring, we must have a consult with you first. Please order 30 minutes Consulting here.

Please note, mobile version and desktop versions of your site may vary, and are most likely to vary a lot. We cannot make them exactly alike, but aim instead to provide a good user experience in both views.

Don't see what you need? Please contact us so we can help.