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Email Set Up

  • Set up SBI! Webmail and SVBI!, up to 5 email accounts, wormhole accounts, 1/2 Hour Custom Work
  • Set up MX It! using client email account service, including set up of up to 5 email addresses, 1 Hour Custom Work


TJ did an excellent job yesterday in walking me thru the steps to solve my problem. The website is now up and operational with the changes made. He quickly diagnosed the problem and described what had to be done. He used the anytime meeting software to show me the exact steps. He made a few changes to the system himself and tested it to ensure it was correct. He then emailed me the exact steps to take, with color coded samples.

- Ray of

  • Troubleshoot, edit, or create HTML or CSS or troubleshoot Javascript, Start with 1/2 Hour Custom Work (as it depends on complexity).
  • Create Custom Tag Cloud using Tagul with Custom Shapes. This includes reviewing one of the main pages on your site for relevant keywords to generate the cloud contents as well as producing the custom shape for the tags. The resulting code, image and instructions will be made available. The tag cloud can be setup to link with your site search function either provided by the WordPress theme or another search engine (e.g. Google Custom Search Engine). This does not include configuration of the Search function (WordPress or Google CSE). 1/2 Hour Custom Work per Cloud.
  • Convert Site from HTTP to HTTPS

    • Need help with the Pre-Check before you convert from HTTP to HTTPS? We can explain, in plain English, what needs fixed, and how to fix it. Estimate is 30 minutes Consulting for every 10 items listed on the Pre-Check Report.
    • We will convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS including the tasks on the Post-Conversion Checklist (Especially submitting the Bing & Google Sitemaps!) is estimated at 3 hours Custom Work. Extensive errors requiring page by page fixes may increase the time needed. Ezoic sites add an additional 1 hour custom work to convert your site. Check out the special on HTTPS conversion here!
    • Are you certain your site is 100% HTTPS Compliant? Now you can be absolutely sure with a new, special HTTPS Post-Check service from SiteSell Pros.
    • If you've recently converted your online business to HTTPS, then congratulations! But, how sure are you that your site is COMPLETELY secure and everything is done?

      Pros are finding many sites that are not 100% secure, meaning visitors can be confronted with insecure warnings from browsers and ISP's. This means they will lose visitors and customers. Another good reason for running the check is that HTTPS is now a part of Google's ranking algorithm, just like being mobile-friendly is!

      HTTPS is crucial to the security and wellbeing of your online business and because this is so important, SiteSell Pros have created a special offer that allows you to know, for sure, that all is OK. Or, if not, what to do.

      We'll run the check for you, and, if we find anything (or even if your site gets a clean bill of health), we'll let you know.

      This means you can become 100% confident your site is fully HTTPS Compliant or, if it isn't, what to do about it. A free check is included once you have finished any corrections. We can also provide an estimate to do the fixes if you like.

      A thorough review takes 1 hour Custom Work. There is no limit on the number of pages on your site, if they can be spidered, they will be checked.

    Set up Infin It!

    Set up with your existing outside hosting account. Outside host must allow CNAME edits that work with the Infin It! set up. 1/2 Hour Custom Work

    WordPress Research and Set Up

    • Setup WordPress with Genesis Framework and 1 available theme (template) 2 Hours Custom Work. Purchase of theme not included. Select one theme from StudioPress. Also includes setting up the SiteSell recommended plug-ins.
    • Research and Recommend WordPress Themes based on your preferences for functionality and fit aligned with site concept, monetization and business plans. Includes installation of theme. Does not include purchase price of premium theme or any theme customization or configuration. 1 Hour Custom Work
    • Configure WordPress Theme including header image, CSS styling (typography, colors). You need to provide any new images or additional information such as Google Analytics code, Facebook App ID, Twitter keys etc to complete configuration. (This is for configuration only, not for creating graphics or a new design, Upon completion of configuration, you must acknowledge acceptance and confirmation that theme configuration is accepted within 5 days of notice of completion of work. 2 Hours Custom Work
    • Research and recommend WordPress Plugins (based on email consultation) for functionality and fit aligned with your business plans. Includes installation of plugin. We will test for compatibility and advise on any issues. Does not include purchase price of premium plugin or any customization or configuration. 1/2 Hour Custom Work
    • Configure WordPress Plugins based on email consultation including CSS styling (if plugin enables this). You may need to provide additional information such as Google Analytics code, Facebook App ID, Twitter keys, etc. to complete configuration. You will need to grant access to the WordPress dashboard to enable the configuration activities. You must acknowledge acceptance and confirmation that plugin configuration is complete within 7 days of completion of work. 1 Hour Custom Work
    Convert your pages to SBI!'s BB2

    SBI! BB1 to BB2 Conversions @ $27 per Virtual Assistant (VA) Hour

    We can convert your site pages over to SBI!'s Blockbuilder 2 (BB2) for you and save you a lot of time. Get BB1 or UYOH (uploaded) pages converted to BB2. Estimate is usually from 1 to 4 pages per VA hour ($27 US)* depending on length of page, number of headlines, images, etc.** We charge approximately 4 hours @ VA rate to set up your site design, includes, etc. Larger sites may cost more for set up.

    * These are hourly estimates only. Work is done on a time used basis and we keep you updated on what is being used, needed, etc.

    Take advantage of a discounted conversion rate so you get the best of everything BB2 has to offer, such as Mobilize It! or Responsive Templates, responsive grid blocks, easy sitewide and section-wide updates/edits with Sitewide Dots or Reusable Blocks, and more!

    Work quality is guaranteed. Included in the conversions:

    1. You will get your navigation, footer, Socialize It! buttons and default Right Column in Sitewide dots.
    2. You will get Reusable Blocks (BB2 version of Includes) for other Right Column options you have preset in the Right Column Builder and
    3. Any repetitive location Google Adsense you have on your site will be set into Reusable Blocks with the size of the ad noted in the file name.
    4. We will also check with you to see if there are other repetitive items you wish to have set into Sitewide Dots or Reusable Blocks to save you time when editing your pages later on.
    5. You will get BB2 pages that match what your previous BB1 or uploaded page showed (format, layout). It pretty much looks exactly the same!
    6. We remove formatting tags from your pages whereever possible.
    7. You get cleaner HTML pages which may mean faster loading pages because we convert the block elements properly.

    We take advantage of the full benefits of using Site Designer and the BB2 Blocks so you can easily edit design, pages, blocks, etc. the way they were meant to be edited moving forward!

    Order VA Hours To Have Our Virtual Assistant Do Your Page Conversion

    Not ready to convert your entire site yet? You can have us do a partial conversion for you, i.e. highest traffic pages, highest income producing pages, etc., just give us a list of the pages you want done.


    *A page is considered to be 1000 words or less, has less then 5 images, 5 headlines and 5 links (content area only). If your pages exceed this, it will take more time. Estimate is based on a mix of short, long, and some added HTML pages. All Pros work is done on as needed hourly basis.

    Pages that the conversion Helper Tool cannot handle will be done manually so these pages will take more time.

    Does not include converting your non-tabular tables and fixed grid blocks to responsive grid blocks as we have a left/right slide option for mobile view available.

    Each right column conversion is counted as 1 page due to the special setup required. If you have more than one right column, you'll get your right columns setup as reusable blocks so you can easily add the one you want, when you want.

    Please note, these are hourly estimates only. If it takes less time to do your conversions, you can get a refund of the unused portion. We also keep you updated along the way so you will know if more time will be needed to complete your site.

    Order Hours To Have Our Virtual Assistant Do Your Page Conversion

    Terri helped me understand keyword optimization, cleaned up and converted homepage BB1 to BB2, added a horizontal Nav Bar to design.

    The BEST coach and teacher I have ever had. She met me where I was at and helped me relax and stay hopeful. She was GREAT the way she explained all the many options available to me on the new SiteSell design menu. I am very anxious to have continued sessions with her. She is worth her weight in gold.

    I am eager to stay in this knowing I now have a coach that understands me.

    - Lindell of

    Virtual Assistant:

    Need an estimate to fix pages, add, remove, or move items such as images, Adsense, copy your UYOH design over to BB2? Reach out ...

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