Site Review Packages
To Improve Site Performance

A SiteSell Pros Review is the most effective way to quickly acquire the knowledge of best practices from an experienced expert who is qualified to help you improve the performance of your website.

Getting a Website Review is one of the single most popular requests we get from clients.

Wow... I am quivering with excitement as I read this!!! Thank you Matt! At first look, I already can see this is going to be extremely useful to me. I love all the ideas you gave, and they intuitively make a lot of sense. Thank you so much Matt, I feel so freakin' motivated again! It's been a while... :-)

- Mai of


Get your action plan for realizing your website's full traffic and income potential:

Stage 1: SEO Website Review - 5 Hours (USD $475) Custom Work

Want to ensure you're on the right track and end the confusion of what your next steps are?

  • The SEO Website Review includes a review of 4 to 8 representative pages, along with a review of your MKL and Site Blueprint (please have your Blueprint ready).
  • We provide you with a written report containing specific recommendations on how to move forward and fix any issues, giving you the confidence to continue building your website for maximum performance based on the analysis of:
    • Niche definition
    • Keyword winnability
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Website structure (tier architecture, navigation, internal linking)
    • Appearance (page balance, images, and design in relation to your website concept and target market)
    • Website credibility (Home page effectiveness, VPP, required support pages, voice, grammar and spelling)
    • Quality PREselling
    • Correct implementation of your Most Wanted Response (MWR)

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    Doing fixes is not included as part of the SEO Review.

You may also want to consider a "Combo Review".

Stage 2: Combo Review: SEO Website Review with some Traffic or Monetization recommendations included - 7 Hours (USD $665) Custom Work

This is for established websites that want/need an SEO Website Review but also need help with one of the other review choices for increasing Traffic or Monetization (but not including Panda, Penguin or other algorithmic reviews).

The review depth is not as comprehensive as a full SEO, Traffic or Monetization Review but gives a good, solid overview on the major items affecting representative pages of your website. From that overview, you can either fix the items yourself, or have us do it for you.

Doing fixes is not included as part of the Combo Review.


  • Your website has not been hit by a major algorithm such as Panda or Penguin
  • Order must be placed in full and Combo chosen at start of project.

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Traffic Troubleshooting

  • Lost or losing traffic? Don't know the probable why(s) or how to fix the issues found?

    Let one of our 10-Day Action Guide Pros with troubleshooting expertise take a deep dive into your site. Will require access to your stats account (Analytics, Statcounter, etc.) as well as your Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console accounts. Any unused time is refundable. If more time is needed your AG Pro will update you as the project progresses. Order 10 hours Custom Work to get started.

    We recommend you have a Copyscape Premium account (with a minimum available balance of $25 USD). The Pro can then research duplicate content issues related to your site and the results can be maintained in your own account. This way you will have direct access to the results reported.

Stage 3: Website Review to Increase Traffic - 4 Hours (USD $380) Custom Work

Want to increase traffic but feel stuck and not sure how to go over the "hump stage"? Need to avoid feeling overwhelmed with implementing the myriad traffic-generating techniques you've read? Want crystal clarity on what will work best for your website?

  • As traffic can only increase if your website is properly set up, this detailed Traffic Review is based on the analysis done in the SEO Website Review. You will need to have the Stage 1 review completed first.
  • The Website Traffic Review provides you with a written report that clarifies your next steps and provides customized strategies on how to boost your free, targeted traffic and increase visitor retention.
  • This review includes the analysis of:
    • the Stage 1 Website SEO Review Report
    • traffic & search engine ranking stats in relation to your website's size & age
    • link popularity level (quantity and quality of incoming links)
    • usage and integration of autoresponders (e-courses, reports), E-zine, C2, social media marketing, etc.
    • if already set up, your website's performance based on Google Analytics (or other traffic-tracking tool) stats

    *Note: Does not include the Panda, Penguin or other algorithmic change reviews. Those are separate and noted below in this section.

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    Doing fixes is not included as part of the Traffic Review.

Stage 4: Panda Audit Consultation, Assessment Review and Recommendations

  • Our Panda Audit is based upon a comprehensive research study conducted by SiteSell. The analysis of the research study provided the most common elements of the various Panda releases by Google, and the depth of covered releases. Our recommendations to recover from Panda may include reference to various points of the study. However only those who have SBI! or SBI! for Wordpress will have access to the full study and its resulting report (in TNT HQ).
  • You can get direct, qualified assistance with Panda, whether you have been hit by Panda or not. We offer a variety of options and match you up with a qualified Panda expert.
  • Choose from the following list of recommended Panda options depending on your situation:

    1. Panda Consultation - 2 Hours (USD $138) Consulting Time - Spend one-on-one time (via phone, Skype or email) with a qualified Panda expert and discuss what is happening on your website, where you feel the weak areas may be, and get advice based upon the Panda Assessment documentation you provide.
    2. Requirements:

      Two hours of Consulting / Training time ... includes 1 hour for the Panda Professional to review your documentation and website before the call and 1 hour for the actual consultation with you.

      We will provide a spreadsheet to you to use to self-audit several pages of your website and one of your competitors.

      Submit the completed Panda Assessment for sitewide elements, home page, a tier 2, a tier 3 and one competitive website page (5 columns in the spreadsheet).

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    3. Panda Assessment Review - 6 Hours (USD $570) Custom Work - Your qualified Panda Professional will review your website, Google webmaster Tools and any stats data you have. They will complete the Panda Assessment document for the sitewide column and the home page, one Tier 2, one Tier 3, and one competitor column. Your qualified Panda Professional will also provide targeted advice within each area of the Assessment Document where site/page changes may be needed in a PDF report you can keep.
    4. Requirements:

      6 Hours of Custom Work time.

      Completed Panda Questionnaire in preparation for the Panda Assessment (Item 2 above). We will send you the questionnaire once we receive your order. If you would prefer your Panda Professional complete the questionnaire for you, it would be an additional 1 hour of Consulting / Training time.

      Please note, questions relating to your report are not included in the actual Panda Assessment (a Custom Work written report). Each Assessment takes in excess of 10 hours of time to review your website, stats, keywords, content pages, navigation, etc. and prepare the written report with steps and specific advice. For this reason, we cannot include providing answers to your post-review questions in the Assessment Review Package.

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      Doing fixes is not included as part of the Panda Review.

    5. Post-Assessment Review Consultation - 1 Hour (USD $69) Consulting Time - Consult with your Panda Professional via a Consulting / Training session after your Assessment Report is sent to you. Ask questions about your assessment, action steps and recommendations made. We suggest you review your report several times and try a couple fixes first before doing the post-review consultation. This way, you have a better grasp of what questions you really need to ask and how the answers will affect the work you need to do.
    6. Requirements:

      1 Hour Consulting / Training Time.

      Have the Panda Assessment completed by your qualified Panda Professional.

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    Even if you haven't been hit by Panda, but want to reduce the risk that you will be hit, a Panda Assessment Review is highly recommended. If you need the Assessment done for you, please select item 2. However, if you did the Assessment yourself already, or have already had it done for you, please select item 1. If you had a qualified SiteSell Professional Panda Expert complete your assessment, please select item 3.

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Get your link analysis done today!

Stage 5: Penguin Analysis and Recommendations

  • Link Health Checkup - 2 Hours (USD $198) Custom Work
    • We will run your inbound link profile to access overall health according to Google's most current guidelines for links. We will let you know if it appears unnatural, suspicious or healthy according to current standards.
    • Additional Note: If your profile is unnatural, you want help identifying the troublesome links, and buy our link package #3, the 2 hours will be applied toward that package.
  • GAP Review - 1 Hour (USD $69) Consulting - to have your qualified Penguin Professional review your GAP (Google Algo-change Profile) calculations with you in preparation for using Prioritize It! and to discuss the results provided by Prioritize It!
  • Learn to Analyze Backlinks - 1 Hour (USD $69) Consulting / Training - session that will teach you how to analyze your backlinks (inbound links) so you will know what is good, what is bad and what is downright ugly! You can also get advice from your Penguin Professional on which links to remove and/or disavow from your link profile. Be Prepared and Plan ... Penguinize Your Website Now!
  • Manual Account Removals: Need someone to remove links manually for accounts you have at article distribution or other websites? Provide us a list of websites where you have accounts and the login details. Approximately 15 accounts per custom work hour. Once you order, we will log into each account provided and delete all items you want us to remove.
  • Link Removal Packages (Custom Work):

    These link removal packages are at Custom Work rates; what each package contains is listed below. If your website has been hit by Penguin, then it is about links and having your inbound links reviewed and/or requesting removals of the bad and ugly inbound links to help your website recover. The last step you need to take is filing a Disavow File with Google and/or submitting a Reinclusion Request (if your website was dropped).

    Please keep in mind, steps to recover from Penguin require you follow multiple steps and recovery can take much longer than you might expect as Google must do another Penguin run to update your website's status.

    Doing fixes is not included as part of the Penguin Review.

    How to Get the Domain Count

    You will need to determine how many domains are listed at Google as linking to your site. It is very easy to do this.

    1. Go to your Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) account
    2. Login and select the domain you need the data for
    3. Then in the left menu:
      1. Go to Search Traffic >
      2. Links to Your Website >
      3. Under "Who Links Most" Choose "More >>" on the left
      4. At the top of the main column, you will see where it says: "Top ## domains that have links to pages on your site." Note: ## is the number of domains Google is showing you. This is the number of unique domains you use to estimate which size package you should order. (See image below)

    Finding the number of domains

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    One of the first ways you can get a list of your inbound links is via your Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) account. We need this file from you for Packages 2 and 3 also. Here is how to get the download from GWT:

    1. Go into GWT Dashboard for the website.
    2. Go to Search Traffic > Links to Your Website >
    3. Under "Who Links Most" Choose More
    4. Choose the "Download Latest Links" button and save to your computer as a CSV File.

    Google, in particular, wants to see

    • ...that you've been working on getting links removed; so they want to index and find where poor quality links from other websites to yours were dropped.
    •'ve made an effort to remove poor quality links. This includes contacting website owners to request removal, and for links you can remove directly (such as article distributon websites), you remove those.

    Once some time has passed (to allow Google to get some of their re-indexing done), you should then submit your Disavow File.

    Once your steps are done, then you need to wait for Google to re-index your website, which can add months to the recovery process. But one thing is for sure, you won't recover until you take the steps!

    The Link Removal Packages

    Package One - Do It Yourself: You review your website's incoming links and domains, provide us with a list of links you would like removed and we perform the removal contacts for you.

    This link removal package includes up to 3 requests sent to each domain registrant for which you would like the links removed. (This will take approximately 4 weeks as each email is sent about one week apart.) Upon completion of the 3 requests and updating of the status, you are provided with a report.

    Package Two - Recommendations Only - Your qualified Penguin Professional will review a compiled list of inbound links and domains and then provide their recommendations on which links to keep and which to request be removed.

    This is by far, the meat of the matter; you don't want to lose inbound links that are valuable to your website's ranking, but don't want to keep links that can and will hurt your website. Just going through and removing any inbound links is not a good strategy... let us help you toward a healthier, better-ranking website:

    Package Three - We Do It For You: Your Penguin Professional will retrieve and review inbound link reports for your domain. After careful review recommendations will be provided to you on which links to keep and which to remove.

    Upon your approval, the link removal request process begins. This process takes about 4 weeks and you will receive a report on the process, status, etc. at the end. Also, you will get a free Disavow File which you can submit or have us submit on your behalf (to Google and Bing), at no additional charge.

    Above Penguin Package hours are flat rate for the work as outlined. All domains linking in must be counted when purchasing packages. If you want to analyze your own links to come up with a partial list to work on, you can only purchase Package 1. For Packages 2 and 3, we pull inbound links from a variety of sources, we cannot analyze only part of the list for these packages. We cannot take partial count orders for the above packages as work involved requires analysis of ALL inbound links and domains. If you have 300 inbound domains, then you need to purchase for 300 inbound domains, not 3 orders of 100 domains each.

    Please note: Package 1 plus Package 2 equals Package 3.

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The work was a complete check on the links to my website, a check on progress made in resolving penguin issues, and a note detailing what should be done to complete all penguin issues, including checking the draft disavowal file already created.

Matt was thorough in his approach and proved to have a keen sense of what was required. Recommendations made were clear and to the point. I liked his friendly style and also feel much better about the position I am in with links. Very keen to work with him again.

I find it easy to see what can be done to help me which is perfect.

- Jane Andrew of



A Monetization Review can help you increase your site's income.

Stage 6: Website Review to Increase Monetization - 5 Hours (USD $475) Custom Work

    Want to increase your website's bottom line, i.e. income but don't know or can't decide how to diversify your monetization options? Are you a victim of paralysis by analysis and need fresh ideas on what else you could add to the mix? Are your current monetization strategies not performing well?

    • Learn how to optimize your income strategies to improve your bottom line whether you promote hardgoods, e-goods, contextual advertising, lead generation or other strategies.
    • Recommended if your website has Daily Average of over 100 visitors for the last month
    • The Website Monetization Review provides you with a written report containing specific tips for increasing conversion rates, customized monetization strategies, and recommendations for implementing those options that will give you the highest return.
    • You will need an SEO Review completed before we can do the Monetization Review for you, unless you have a consult with a SiteSell Pro to get this requirement waived.

    The beginning of this year Wendy did a monetization report for my website (I am just beginning to monetize) It is such a complete plan that here I am in April and I am still on the first couple of pages. It is packed full of ideals on how to implement my monetization ideals plus a few I never thought of.

    - Frances Moore of

    • As the income generated by your website is in direct proportion with its traffic, the Website Monetization Review Report typically contains helpful recommendations on how to boost your traffic as well. This is a comprehensive report based on the detailed analysis of your website's:
      • monetization mix
      • lead generation
      • visitor retention
      • conversion rates
      • keyword worth
      • ad types and placement
      • affiliate links usage
      • sales page effectiveness

Stage 7: One Page Content Review - 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work

Similar to what Content Elf and Help Elf previously provided on the forums, you can now get your One Page Content Review without waiting.

Our One Page Content Reviews will be just as focused in scope. Site Reviews usually take into account the design, the layout (enough headlines, enough white space, etc.), integration of social tools, placement of ads, and many other topics.

Content Page Reviews will be just that, covering your voice and VPP, and other ways to make a content page even better.

Let's start with how this new review will help you ... we'll be looking at ...

  • Your voice (personal writing style)
  • Valuable PREselling Proposition (VPP),
  • The flow of the content (whether it makes sense the way you've presented it), and
  • Grammar, word use, spelling and punctuation, since they're an important part of creating a sense of credibility and professionalism.

We'll review the home page, a Tier 2 page, and the focus page of this review. The report however will only be on the focus page but we need to see how it fits within your site concept, Voice and VPP.

We will write an email to you with the results of our review so you can use the email as the guide to improving your page.

Actual edits to your page is not included in this review but you can opt to have us make the edits for an additional fee (fee is based on how many changes are needed).

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Stage 8: Contextual Ad/PPC Placement Review - 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work

  • A SiteSell professional will review a representative sample of pages on your website for placement and optimization of PPC (pay per click) type contextual advertising like Adsense, Yahoo Publisher,, Kontera, etc..
  • The goal of this review is to provide suggestions for optimal placement in order to fully maximize income without taking any unnecessary risks or violating each company's terms of service, violating Google's quality guidelines or lessening the visitor experience."
  • Includes email report with recommendations.
  • Client must provide a sample list of pages with each type of ad (by company) used on their website.

My intent was more on starting a serious analysis of using Aweber etc to drive more ebook sales. However, Shelley's tips on my existing ebook monetization implementation were very helpful.

Shelly went 'beyond the call of duty' to deliver a comprehensive review.

Very happy with service provided ... Great match up of a Coach's strong area and my weak area.

- Tim Parish of

Website Review Process

  • Order Custom Work Services according to the type of Website Review Package you want
  • You will automatically be sent the email receipt with link to complete the Custom Work Questionnaire
  • You need to complete Custom Work Questionnaire specifying your needs and goals for this task
  • Your own SiteSell Professional is assigned to your project according to his/her expertise
  • Your SiteSell Professional will contact you for any clarifications, Site Central login and time frame for the task.
  • We perform the necessary analysis and or provide recommendations
  • We prepare and email to you the promised Report (if applicable)

Website Review Notes:

  • Website Reviews do not include Consulting, Training or Custom Work needed to make the recommended fixes. These in depth reviews cover the actual review of the website's health and preparation of the report only.

  • Website Reviews take more time than is set by each Review item. However you will not be charged more for a Website Review than the time listed.
  • For the above reason, we cannot include consultations or answering your questions via email as part of the reviews. We recommend instead that you purchase consulting time to use for consulting with our experts (via phone, Skype, or email).
  • View our Rates Page