Adding More Pages To Your Website
is the Secret Power

Many people think that…

“My website is built; now I can sit back, relax and the traffic will come!”

That statement is probably the furthest away from the truth that you can get.

Because it was true, why then do so many websites fail? Why do so many sites have no visitors? Why isn’t everybody just running an online business? Wouldn’t this be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

It takes time and work to build any business, offline or online. You always need to keep moving forward. That's what will differentiate you from the 90% of all websites that fail. 

Your Internet business, when built the right way, will reward you with long term dividends for the effort you put in now.

Why do so many sites fail?

Websites fail because they expect visitors to come running as soon as everything goes live.

This is unrealistic and untrue! Let’s compare an Internet business with a new storefront business in a shopping center (offline) that opens its doors and hangs out a sign “We’re open”.

That business usually doesn’t start getting any meaningful traffic until the owner starts advertising that s/he has great products or services and the store is open for business.

A storefront business usually advertises in the local newspaper as a way to attract visitors.  The online business has to advertise by adding more pages to its site.

Too many site owners do nothing after the initial build and fall into the following traps…

  • the wrong understanding of how a website works
  • no long term site plan and/or site structure
  • lack of energy (after deciding to build the site themselves)
  • too busy with daily life and business (website goes to the background)
  • no experienced expert to have it done for you (in the right way)


SiteSell Pros guarantees a success-oriented approach!

We know that there is more to life than your new website, and that you have many other important work and personal commitments to fulfill. That's why we are dedicated to your success. Your SiteSell Pro is close at hand.

A site built by a SiteSell Pro prepares for success right from the start and avoids the reasons why most sites fail. The extensive research done during your SBI! Core Package provides you with a master keyword outline that lays a solid foundation. This outline retains its value, showing you unique ways to grow your site.

Ongoing growth is not about sitting back after your core foundation is in place. By increasing the number of powerful, information-packed pages, you will increase visitors and improve your Search Engine rankings. These efforts count now more than ever.


The secret power lies in adding more informational pages.

We use a common sense approach to harnessing the power of your site's pages. Some would call it a ‘secret approach.’ However, adding pages to your site is only a successful technique if you do it in the following way…

  • The new pages are part of a long term plan for your website.
  • The pages can logically be added to the already existing information.
  • The pages must focus on keywords people use to find such information.
  • The keywords in each page still have a potential for ranking well.
  • The pages provide information, but they also focus on your Most Wanted Response (MWR) for visitors to your site.

Now when you review the above you’re probably glad that you didn’t let your 15 year old nephew build your website, right?

Indeed it’s a complicated matter and best left to the professionals. Such a professional is your SiteSell Pro. S/he has built your website with all of the above in mind.


Your Pro, guided by a master site outline, selects high potential pages to add.

As your SiteSell Pro prepared your site foundation, s/he also carefully considered the best setup for your site and designed a master site outline accordingly. This setup is based on adding content pages to your site which all have high potential keywords in them. Such keywords are used by Search Engines to present the sites with the best, most relevant information for the keyword terms used.

In short, we call these Keyword Focused Content Pages (KFCPs).

The more KFCPs you have, the more potential your site has for attracting targeted visitors and ranking well. As a matter of fact, Search Engines love such sites. They will come back regularly and visit your site to check where you have added more KFCPs.


Build your site's reputation and score well with the Search Engines.

Over a period of time, as you add more and more KFCPs, your site will build up a reputation with the Search Engines as a reliable source of information. This produces a positive outcome. When a person searches for information on your topic, the Search Engine will start presenting your site as one of the better websites to explore.

Since a Search Engine lives and dies on the quality of its search results, it must only present quality informational sites. Any site with no real content, no relevant keywords and no logical structure (over coded and designed) will have an extremely hard time getting indexed by the Search Engines.

Good indexing = means increased number of visitors = successful website.


The key benefit of adding quality content pages is long term FREE traffic.

Generating traffic to your website can be done it 2 ways...

  1. By paying for every click to your site (called pay-per-click)
  2. Via search engines which send free visitors.

Pay per click is an excellent technique for establishing your site, and generating a steady flow of traffic to the site based on a monthly advertising budget. It’s excellent because it guarantees traffic for a fixed fee.

The benefit of traffic via Search Engines is that it’s free and has a long term growth effect. Although it takes a little longer to get found and indexed by the Search Engines, the outcome is exciting. More and more targeted visitors arrive at your site!


Start building traffic momentum now!

Your SiteSell Pro knows exactly what to do and which high potential pages should be added to your site.

Beat 90% of the other sites out there today by simply keeping your website alive and flourishing. Energize your site and make it popular with the Search Engines.

And the best part? It is really easy to do. Simply discuss your page choices with your Pro.