Hire Customized Website Work
By Task or By Hour

Custom Work is for project specific tasks you want to have done for you instead of doing them yourself. Great for when you need help to set up a shopping cart, install Wordpress, do keyword research, and a hundred other tasks that can take your website to the next level!

I have used many coaches over the last 3 years for various jobs on my site and I have never been disappointed. The only downside is I come away with so much information and a realization of how little I know. It is nice to know I have a group of people to count on.

- Frances of painlesscooking.com

  • Times/amounts provided are estimates only. Depending on the specific work you need completed, your project may take more or less time than noted here. Your SiteSell Professional will keep you updated if more time is needed to complete your project. (Estimates are, however, based upon experience).
  • Custom Work hourly rates are listed on our Order page as well as on our Rates page.
  • The items listed on Our Services page are not all-inclusive, however they should give you an idea of just some of what we offer, and approximately how long it would take to complete your project.

Getting Started Decisions

SBI!, Wordpress, or...? First, decide which format you will be using to build your site if you haven't already.

Want to consult with a SiteSell Professional? Talk with a SiteSell Professional to discuss your business plan, site concept, monetization plans and desired functionality to help you select the right platform for your next site. 1/2 Hour (USD $39) Consulting.

Giving Your Expert Your Log In Information

  • In a lot of cases, your expert will need access various accounts (depending on what is being done) which means they may ask you for your username and password to Brainstorm It!, Site Central, or other 3rd-party tools you may use (such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Stats Programs, Store, etc.).
  • You can opt to give it to them via email or telephone/skype if you prefer.
  • If you like, you can set a temporary username and password during the time your Professional is working on your project
  • If you aren't sure if the person asking for your log in information is your SiteSell Professional, please ask us. We are happy to confirm it for you.

Custom Work Process

  • Order DIFM (Do It For Me) Custom Work Services.
  • Receive email receipt* with link to complete DIFM Questionnaire.
  • Complete DIFM (Do It For Me) Custom Work Questionnaire and submit it.
  • DIFM expert is assigned to your project according to his/her expertise.
  • Your expert contacts you to finalize work to be done and time frame for project (You should receive the intro email on or before the next business day after completing the questionnaire).
  • Your SiteSell Professional works on the project until completion.
  • You are notified that your project is ready for your review.
  • Review the project with your SiteSell Professional.
  • We make revisions if needed.
  • You are notified your project is complete.
  • You are trained on maintenance/usage, if applicable.
  • Please provide feedback on the project (optional but highly recommended to help us improve our services).

* Email Communications

Spam filters are getting stronger every day! It is not uncommon to have emails go missing, unreceived, etc.

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  3. Check your spam/trash/junk/promotion folders.
  4. Use our contact form to get help or to follow up with your Pro.
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  7. Once you know who your Pro is, add their email to your address book.