Building Relationships
Newsletters, Forms, Content 2.0/Crowdsourcing, etc.

Building a relationship with your visitors is essential in today's worldwide Web. Enticing content, interactive elements, and visitor retention can all help to build traffic to your website. Google tracks time on the site and how many pages a visitor views, and uses these elements in their ranking algorithms. Don't get left out, have us help you build the right relationships!

The coaching I had was mainly to set up the first C 2.0 Invitation for my site. I was concerned about how hard it would be doing that myself, but as Kim was an excellent tutor, I need not have worried. She showed me the right way how to set-up a C2.0 Invitation.

We went through the C2 Invitation, page by page - and finally had an invitation worthy for any SBI site. I was really impressed at that point,by Kim making it look so easy!.

I would like to say that Kim was very helpful, friendly, professional at all times, her expertise in looking over my site, giving her thoughts and recommendations and help, were truly fantastic. She certainly knew an SBI! site inside and out, and this was crucial to a newbie like myself.

I will be ordering ... again in the near future, but for now I'm very impressed about coaching. It was a real pleasure speaking and working with Kim. I believe it's important that newbies, such as myself can have access to coaching to take themselves and their sites to the next level of online business, marketing and selling their own products.

- George B. of

  • Mailout Manager/Newsletter/Ezine: Set up SBI! MoM (Mailout Manager): Creation of Thank You pages, as well as template for ezine - 1/2 Hour Custom Work
  • Aweber Newsletter/Ezine: Set up an Aweber account: The basics ... creation of the first list, first follow-up email loaded and first opt-in form - 1/2 Hour Custom Work (client must provide first follow-up email copy).
  • Dedicated Ezine Signup Page: Add ezine signup page with complimentary bonus download(s), including edited thank you and post confirmation pages, 1 Hour Custom Work. Please provide the sales content for the pages.
  • Newsletter/Ezine: Format one newsletter, send it out and save template (you provide content and images for the ezine), 1/2 Hour Custom Work
  • SBI! FBI! Forms: Create 6-element FBI! form with dedicated page, 1/2 Hour Custom Work
  • RSS/Blog It!: Set up SBI! RSS/Blog It!, 1/2 Hour Custom Work
  • Content 2.0: Set up SBI! Content 2.0 custom template for C2 pages, 1/2 Hour Custom Work
  • Face It! see our Facebook section.
  • Social Marketing: Building relationships using social marketing, see Social for items relating to social marketing.
  • Review Your Auto-responder Series: Review of up to 5 emails client has written for auto-responder series, with tips for improvement - 1 Hour Custom Work
  • Create Auto-responder Series: Drafting of 5 quality emails to be used in auto-responder series - 3 Hours Custom Work for reviewing site topic, and writing emails.