Use Audio and Video to Gain and Engage Visitors

By leveraging your existing quality pages, media content can increase traffic, reduce bounce rates, enhance PREselling, sales and your profile within your niche. Every video or audio program you create takes advantage of your existing content and, done right, magnifies it’s impact.

With over 40 years experience, our SiteSell Pros can guide you through the creation and development steps so you leap out beyond your competitors and remain fixed in your visitor’s mind.

Consulting / Training

Go from Giving Up to Fired Up
Let me help you with creative, inexpensive ideas that will grab attention and help get your site found using video or audio. 1 Hour Session (USD $69)

Got an idea but don't know what to do next?
I'll help you get control of it and figure out how to use it - fast! 1 Hour Session (USD $69)

Need video or audio recording or editing tips?
We can help with most of the major software; from free to expensive. 1 Hour Session (USD $69)

Need feedback?
I will critique and review your material, provide guidance for your next steps. Minimum: 1/2 Hour (USD $39) Session

Voice Over Coaching.
Just don't feel you sound right? Let's work together to improve how you sound or look. Minimum: 1/2 Hour (USD $39) Session

Just want to know how to do something?
Minimum: 1/2 Hour (USD $39) Session

Get Your Video Roadmap to Improve SEO & Results!

SiteSell Pro Paul will provide a roadmap to maximise results for the videos you have on your site. Whether you use YouTube or another free or paid hosting service, your videos may not be fully optimized, losing you traffic and viewers.

Are they being viewed? Why or Why Not?

Is your site getting traffic from the videos? Why or Why Not?

Discover how you can maximise the views and take full advantage of the SEO benefits available to your site.

A 2015 Animoto survey states that 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it, so take this chance to jump on board.

Order 4 hours Consulting ($260 USD)

Consulting Surprise Me!
We can't predict what everyone will want so why don't YOU tell us what audio/video help you need? Let's do a 30 minute Consulting session to go over your needs, create a plan, and put together an hourly estimate. Order 30 minutes Consulting here.

Custom Work

Professional Voice Over or Interviewer.
Add a voice over to your video, conduct an interview for you to use, or create an introduction to your program. Minimum 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work

Edit a Video or Audio Program
We can work with your raw files, create the story for you or turn your existing content into something else like a podcast. Minimum 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work

Add Voice Narration to Your Site
Voice narration not only provides the ability for visitors to listen to your content, but it may also keep them on the page longer which can help reduce your bounce rates. Minimum 1 Hour (USD $99) Custom Work

Not sure?
Order a 30 minute consult to talk with a professional about your goals, and what you need. Just Reach Out and ... Order Now!