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Consulting / Training / Mentoring

Consulting / Training / Mentoring options and guidelines

Consulting / Training / Mentoring is one-on-one assistance via telephone, Skype, webinar or email. It provides you with personal attention specific to your site, your needs, your goals. You are matched with a SiteSell Pro with expertise in building successful websites.

SiteSell Pros is all about helping you be more productive … whether it's Consulting to get expert advice, Mentoring to improve learning and productivity, Training to quickly learning tools and modules, or learning how to do specific tasks for your site.

  • Do you know what it takes to refine your niche to become a winning niche?
  • Number bound? An expert can walk you through Brainstorm It! and your Master Keyword List (MKL).
  • Not sure how your tiers should work? Get help with your Site Blueprint.
  • Did you pick an income-producing niche? Discuss monetization strategies with an expert.
  • Discuss your branding with your Consultant.
  • And much, much more!

Your dedicated Consultant / Trainer / Mentor, using email, telephone and webinar technology, will provide whatever help you need to get back on track as quickly as possible and improve your productivity.

Please explore below and see just a small sample of how our SiteSell Pros can help you learn more and be more productive.

Contact Us

  • No matter what type of assistance you may need, you can expect to hear from your expert on or before the next business day.
  • Yes, you can ask questions relating to your site or about our services in general:
    • If you have an assigned a SiteSell Pro, ask them via email. They will let you know if they feel a session is needed.
    • Don't have your own Pro yet? Have questions about how our services work? Ask us!

How to Get the Most Value for Your Dollar

You can get super value for your consulting dollar; so follow these tips and view current rates too.

  • Whether you are talking with your Pro, emailing, or using an instant messenger service, keep in mind, your expert works based on time. Wasted time costs you money. Keep your questions focused and stay on topic.
  • The initial introduction email from your Pro, and emails to schedule sessions are free, but additional contacts and consulting questions are chargeable time.
  • Take a few minutes to plan what you want/need from your SiteSell Pro and you can get the most value for your dollar!
  • SiteSell Pros HQ (the link is near the bottom of Site Central) tracks the time you have used to date. Use this as a guide regarding whether you need to purchase additional time to complete your goals.
  • Once you place your order, you get an email receipt with the link to the questionnaire.
  • Complete the questionnaire; on or before the next business day, you will receive an email from the SiteSell Pro assigned to assist you. They will want to set up an appointment or schedule your project.
  • It is very important that you plan for time to work with your expert; a few hours notice usually won't cut it. Your SiteSell Pro also works with other clients who have already scheduled their appointments.
  • Remember, the tighter your availability for an appointment with your Consultant, the more lead time you need to make the appointment.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, or if you think you may be late, please give your Pro as much notice as possible. If you give short notice (less than 14 hours in advance) or no notice, your Pro will charge you 10 minutes consulting time for the missed appointment.
  • The Pros use Skype or similar program to talk with clients. If it is long distance via regular phone between you and your Pro, and you prefer a direct dialed call vs. Skype (or similar), your Pro will use the cheapest available Skype to Landline/Mobile. They will notify you of the cost and will charge the cost against your Pros Account. If you use the same service (i.e. Skype for instance) as your Pro, the cost is free for both of you.

Can You Get an Estimate for Consulting / Training / Mentoring?

  • Since everyone learns at a different pace, and each client's needs are unique, we can't give you an estimate on how much time a specific consulting session will take. However, you can use your purchased time in increments (Minimum of 20 minutes), or all at once, and purchase more hours when you need them.
  • Your SiteSell Pro may need up to 10 minutes prep time prior to most appointments. However, in some cases, your Pro may need to take extra time to review your site, Master Keyword List (MKL), do additional brainstorming, review monetization or other items needed in order to be prepared for your appointment and any questions you may have. They will let you know, prior to doing the preparation work, how much time they expect will be chargeable time for this preparation.
  • The Consulting / Training hours and rates are listed on our Rates for Services page.

Ideas on How to Use Consulting / Training / Mentoring Time:

Below gives you just a small example of the many things your Consultant can teach you, and when you learn how, you can do it again, and again, as needed for all of your websites in the future.

  • Getting Started - you want to do another site, but aren't sure which format to go with. Consult with a SiteSell Pro to discuss your business plan, site concept, monetization plans and desired functionality to help you select the right platform (Solo Build It! or WordPress w/SBI! for WP) for your next site.
  • Site Concept - learn how to hone in on the best site concept
  • Using Brainstorm It! to get the best keyword phrases.
  • Evaluate your Master Keyword List (MKL) and learn how to properly prune it.
  • Consult with an expert about the best monetization strategies for your niche.
  • Do a one-on-one consultation regarding the best domain choices to fit your branding.
  • Learn how to use your content management system, whether it's SBI!, Wordpress or other options.
  • Learn how to create and upload your own HTML pages.
  • Traffic is your site's lifeblood. Consult with a Traffic Expert to discuss your traffic, how to improve search intent, keyword usage, understanding stats, etc., to improve your traffic as well as traffic troubleshooting for Fred, Panda, Penguin, Phantom, Chipaway and more!
  • Social Marketing is a must! Learn more about what it is and how to use it effectively!.
  • Email Marketing is not dead, consult with an expert on effective tactics to improve your ezine, open rate, and more.
  • Discuss your stats with your SiteSell Pro and learn more on how to engage your visitors.
  • Go over how to improve conversions to your Most Wanted Response (MWR).
  • Monetization (the M in C-T-P-M): your SiteSell Pro can help you maximize your income, find out how!), and
  • So much more! If you need help, and want to use our Consulting/Mentoring/Training, just ask us if we have Pros who can help you.

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The Consulting / Training / Mentoring Process

  • Purchase hours via the Order Form.
  • Receive the email receipt* with a link to the questionnaire.
  • Complete the Questionnaire and submit it.
  • An expert is assigned to help you based on the details you submitted in the questionnaire.
  • Receive an intro email from your expert to schedule your first session (You should receive the intro email on or before the next business day after completing the questionnaire).
  • Respond to the introduction/scheduling email(s).
  • Work with your expert via telephone, email or webinar (15 minutes minimum chargeable time)
  • Provide feedback on session (optional but highly recommended to help us improve our services).

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